Best Chair for Anterior Pelvic Tilt

If you suffer from anterior pelvic tilt, finding an ergonomic chair that is designed to minimize your anterior tilt and improve your sitting posture is a must. The right chair choice relieves pressure on your lower back and prevents further damage.

An anterior pelvic tilt can cause further serious health issues if you choose chairs that do not support your condition. This can include alterations to the shape of your spine and lead to postural dysfunction. In addition, it can lead to excessive pressure being put on your lower back which can cause other problems such as muscle fatigue.

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Best Chairs for Anterior Pelvic Tilt Reviewed for 2022

Here we will review two chairs that are recommended for anterior pelvic tilt sufferers, which support users and relieve back pressure while seated:

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Technology

The Serta Ergonomic Executive chair has adjustable mid-back and lumbar support, making it ideal for individuals suffering from anterior pelvic tilt. The chair’s pivoting lumber and seat are designed to promote flexibility and core strength by encouraging a better posture. In addition, it has a back-in-motion seat technology that swivels the lumber forward. This has the same result as doing pelvic tilt exercises, promoting spinal movement and flexibility, and circulation while you work.

The chair’s seat is wide, thick, and comfortable while still being supportive. Featuring a 3″ thick non-toxic foam. The headrest has deep cushioning for maximum comfort and support while sitting. If you are a desk worker, this chair offers all-around comfort while supporting your back, head, and shoulders, making it the best office chair for anterior pelvic tilt options out there.

In addition to the chair having a cushioned and supportive structure, it is also fully adjustable. The Serta chair has adjustable armrests with four-position adjustments, which provide 3″ of height adjustability. The chair height adjustment is also super simple with side seat controls, making it easy to raise or lower your seat to the best position for you.

On a more practical side, the chair is easy to assemble and requires no extra tools. Everything you need is in the box.

One thing to note is that this chair is ideal for people who are shorter than the average height. Someone who is 5’8 or under would find this chair a perfect fit. However, if you are taller, you may find that you need something a little larger. This chair has a maximum weight limit of 250lbs.

Overall the Serta ergonomic executive chair is a great ergonomic chair for anterior pelvic tilt suffers.

REFICCER Memory Foam Executive Office Chair

Our next choice of chair for anterior pelvic tilt is the REFICCER memory foam executive office chair. This is a big and tall executive office chair designed with comfort in mind. This chair offers back support with thick ergonomic padding, and the waterfall seat edge reduces pressure on your legs, giving you hours of comfort.

The chair features an extremely solid design, with a maximum weight load of 400lbs. Great for the larger user with its wide seat and high back.

The REFICCER chair back is perfectly formed with an S-Shaped back to support your spine and relieve back pressure and fatigue whilst you work. In addition, the bonded leather double padded cushion helps encourage better circulation and further increase comfort.

A Seat-side cable-actuated lever allows you to rock back and forth, promoting flexibility and a better posture while seated. All these features make the REFICCER chair one of the best office chairs for anterior pelvic tilt.

In addition, the thickly padded loop armrests can assist by relieving the strain on the upper body. Finally, there is a tilt tension knob underneath, which can be adjusted to the rocking flexibility of the chair that best suits your needs.

This chair is also easy to assemble in 30 minutes and comes with instructions and all the tools you need.

If you are looking for a sturdy, roomy, yet comfortable chair, this is a great option. Its ergonomic design and supportive features mean it is one of the best chairs for anterior pelvic tilt.

How do you Sit with Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

The anterior pelvic tilt is primarily caused by inactivity, so the best way to correct it is by moving more and sitting less. However, for many people with desk jobs, that simply isn’t possible. Because they are aware of their condition, many people sit in an exaggerated position with their back straight and avoid slouching. Doing this can actually cause an exaggerated arch in your back and make the issue worse. If you are wondering how to correct anterior pelvic tilt while sitting, there is a correct way to sit which will help:

  • Squeeze your glutes. The key to fixing the tilt is sitting straight on top of your pointy bottom bones or ischial tuberosity. You are aiming to reangle the triangular sitting bones to a more natural position. Squeezing your glutes will help you rotate the pelvis back and downwards.
  • Engage your core – Keeping a little tone within your core abdominal muscles should help neutralize the pelvis and reduce arching in the lower back.
  • Sit on a comfortable but supportive chair. Investing in a proper ergonomic chair will help you maintain a good posture during your working day and prevent anterior pelvic tilt while sitting.

How do you Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

Moderate exercise, maintaining a good posture, and sitting on an ergonomic chair will all help improve and fix your anterior pelvic tilt. Make sure you choose a chair specifically designed for an anterior pelvic tilt that offers lower back support and allows you to sit at a comfortable distance and at the correct angle to your workstation without compromising your posture.

Will Sit-ups Help Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

Sit-ups are actually not recommended for people suffering from anterior pelvic tilt. However, if you are looking for ways to address your anterior pelvic tilt, the following choices will achieve far more positive results:

  • Half kneeling hip flexor stretch;
  • The bridge – Will help strengthen your glutes and your hamstrings;
  • Kneeling leg lift with back stretch – Helps tighten the abdominals and stretch your back;
  • Squats, A full-body exercise that strengthens your muscles;
  • Pelvic tilt – This exercise will strengthen your abdominal muscles and stretch your lower back muscles.


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