My name is Steven, and I created ChairsFAQ for the purpose of publishing unbiased reviews and the ultimate guides targeting all types of chairs. The chair is common furniture and is used everywhere and every day. However, the wrong chair might be suffering from back pain, sciatica, and other symptoms, especially if you are sitting there for long hours. Therefore, choosing a comfortable chair can not only benefit users being healthy but also increase working efficiency.

The point is that small things always tend to be neglected easily. Although the chair is the usual furniture in the house, most people might lack the required knowledge and experience to choose the best chairs nicely adapting to their daily sitting needs. ChairsFAQ comes into the place to fill up any gap in this area.

We will dig deep research and dig out the most concerning topics for chairs. Then we will test a wide variety of chairs until one can solve the problem. Therefore, the chair reviews are unbiased and straight to the point for your sitting problem solution.

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