How to Make a Gaming Chair More Comfortable

how to make gaming chair more comfortable

If you’re not accustomed to sitting on a gaming chair, it may feel strange and uncomfortable at first. You might take some time to adapt your body to the new gaming chair if you’re accustomed to a regular office chair.

If you are experiencing any pain while sitting on your gaming chair, it may be time to upgrade. Because every gaming chair is different, the one you purchased may be uncomfortable for your back and physique.

According to studies, the typical office worker spends up to 15 hours sitting each day. Too much sitting as a gamer or streamer is linked to an increased risk of muscle and joint problems (as well as diabetes, heart disease, and depression).

While many of us know that sitting all day is terrible for our bodies and brains, few of us have the luxury of leaving our jobs on the desk.

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How To Make My Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Aside from maintaining correct posture, there are eight methods to make sitting at a desk more pleasant.

  • Concentrate on the area of your body that is hurting you;
  • Your lower back should be supported;
  • Add a seat cushion if you want to be more comfortable;
  • Make sure your feet aren’t dangling;
  • Make use of the armrest;
  • Raise your display so that it is at eye level;
  • Keep reference materials at eye level;
  • Adjust the lighting in your workplace;
  • Add some greenery to the mix.

Let’s look at each of these suggestions in more details.

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#1 Concentrate on the Area of your Body that is Hurting you

The term “uncomfortable” is a wide one. In what ways does sitting in your gaming chair make you feel uneasy?

It’s a lot simpler to discover a solution if you know the particular issue. While purchasing your new chair to upgrade, you should be clear of the key aspects you are concerned about.

If your back is bothering you, consider investing in a chair with greater back support next time. Many low-cost gaming seats lack adequate back support.

Perhaps you have difficulty sitting on the narrow chair. Not every chair has the same seat, and narrow seats won’t work for you if you have wide thighs or sit with your legs apart.

#2 Your Lower Back Should be Supported

Lower back discomfort is a common complaint among gamers, and the remedy may be as close as the closest lumbar support cushion. Sliding one of these cushions between your chair and lower back provides additional support and may help prevent discomfort caused by bad posture. It may feel strange at first, but it shouldn’t take long to adjust.

#3 Add a Seat Cushion

If a lumbar support pillow isn’t enough for you, or you want additional support, it’s time to upgrade your gaming chair arrangement with a seat cushion.

These cushions, depending on the design, may assist relieve back pain or sciatica symptoms. They also aid in the promotion of good posture by distributing your weight appropriately across your lower body.

#4 Make Sure your Feet aren’t Dangling

If you’re short and your feet don’t lay level on the ground while you sit on your gaming chair, you may feel strain or pain throughout the day.

Fortunately, there is a simple remedy for this problem: Simply utilize an ergonomic footrest. This can help you maintain good posture from your feet to your head by supporting your feet.

#5 Make Use of the Armrest

Your wrists may take a pounding if you type and use a mouse all day while sitting at a desk. Including a gel armrest in your workplace arrangement may help to alleviate wrist strain.

You might also consider getting a cordless, ergonomic mouse while you’re at it. This will relieve the strain on your wrists and hands from using a trackpad all day.

#6 Raise your Display so that it is at Eye Level

Neck strain results from sitting on a desk chair and staring at a laptop or desktop computer screen all day. Raise your laptop or display to eye level to make it easier on your spine.

This way, all you have to do to look at your computer is stare straight ahead. A laptop or monitor stand will assist you in doing so.

#7 Keep Reference Materials at Eye Level

This is essential for the same reason that elevating your computer screen to eye level relieves neck strain by eliminating the need to look down to read from the text constantly.

You may examine papers without straining your neck by using a basic desk director.

#8 Adjust the Llighting on your Desk

Glare may cause eye strain and make you squirm in your chair to find an angle that allows you to see your screen properly. This may affect your posture and cause you to be uncomfortable at work.

The good news is that switching up your workplace lighting may help you gaze at your screen more comfortably. Begin by purchasing a few lamps with various lighting settings so that you can control the strength of the light as well as where it falls on your computer and desk.

If you can’t change the lighting in your workplace, invest in a screen filter, which may help reduce glare.

#9 Incorporate Some Greenery

This may seem to be an unusual addition: How would a plant on your desk improve the comfort of your gaming chair?

Live plants have been shown to cleanse workplace air, decrease stress, and enhance mood in studies. And nothing makes a gaming chair comfier than having a good time while sitting in it!

Final Thoughts

Every gamer will have an opinion on each gaming chair on the market. Because we all have distinct bodies, this makes it logical.

The manufacturers strive to create chairs that appeal to a wide range of people. However, if you aren’t built like everyone else, it may be uncomfortable to feel in a popular gaming chair designed for “the average physique.”

Therefore, we bear these points in mind:

  • Concentrate on the issue – why are you so uncomfortable in your chair?
  • Adapt – alter your body position or the chair’s settings.
  • If your adjustments aren’t working, it’s time to get a new chair.
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