Will the Office Gas Chair be Exploding?

gas office chair explode

You have possibly heard of the horrible news that a computer chair was exploded in China and a sitting 14-year-old boy was killed by a stick stuck in the anus. Yes, the office computer chairs you are sitting on have the possiblity to get explosion, as long as it has the gas cylinder. Why do the gas chair explode? How to avoid the tragedy of ingury or death from the gas chair exploding? In this article, we will share you some helpful points.

gas chair exploding death

If you look at the picture, you can see that there is a miserable hole in the seat of a chair that is common in offices and homes. It is said that the gas cylinder that raises and lowers the seat surface has exploded.

“Hey, isn’t the chair I’m using okay?” I felt a little bad for my heart.

I was wondering that the gas cylinder of the chair should be mounted inside the stanchion under the seat, which fits into the metal plate under the seat. However, as you can see in the picture, the metal plate is almost intact, and even if you look only at the seat, it is torn miserably.

The explosion under the seat cannot be like this. It seems that he was just smashed from the top of the seat. It’s easy to understand this level by just looking at the photo without looking at it in detail.

Why did an Office Gas Chair Explode?

It can be scary to sit on a chair after hearing about an accident that caused a catastrophe when the height-adjusting cylinder of the chair exploded. Can I be relieved if it is Nitori quality? What are the possible reasons for the gas cylinder explosions?

The cause of the accident is that impurities are mixed in the nitrogen filled as gas, and the temperature rises due to the impurities and the pressure rises (poor). The cylinder cannot withstand the pressure and bursts. It seems that the shaft is fired because the parts cannot withstand the pressure due to quality control problems such as too much gas filling or insufficient strength of the parts.

  1. The gas injected into the cylinder contained flammable substances, which ignited due to static electricity or sparks, resulting in an explosion.
  2. The material of the cylinder was poor, and it lacked pressure resistance, leading to rupture.
  3. The degree of sealing is low.

Well, I can’t say anything devious because I’m a pure humanities, but I don’t really understand “when something other than Chisso is included”, and “when the degree of sealing is low” In that case, the gas would leak and I would wonder if it would be harder to explode.

After hearing the story of an accident in which the height adjustment cylinder of the chair exploded and became a disaster, it may be scary to sit on the chair. Is it safe to use Nitori quality? It was a poor gas cylinder made in China that had many accidents. In the case of an oil cylinder, it is unlikely that the shaft or the like will be ejected with such a force that it penetrates the seat surface.

How to Adoid Gas Chair Exploding?

What can you do to avoid injury or even death due to gas chair exploding? Well, you should not sit in a chair with the bad gas cylinders. Quality is generally proportional to price unless it is a luxury brand with a brand price added. For peace of mind, it is better not to touch cheap things too much.

If you are worried, do not neglect the inspection even during use and check immediately if you feel any abnormality. If you are worried, attach a thin iron plate under the seat. I think it is a good idea to take measures against penetration.

It was reported that a fatal accident occurred in Shandong Province, China, due to an explosion of a gas cylinder of a gas lift chair made by another company. I’m sure some of you may have similar concerns about the chairs you are using due to this event.

For another, you should make sure that the chairs use cylinders manufactured by the certified companies. The cylinders’ manufacturers should comply with the world’s level safety standards, and there is no problem with the material of the cylinder being used, and there is no lack of pressure resistance. In addition, the injected nitrogen gas has a purity of 99% or higher and does not cause an explosion.

That is to say, it is good to avoid the ones that use Chinese gas cylinders, but at present, it seems that there is a high probability that both Japanese and overseas chairs use Chinese cylinders.

Nitrogen gas (non-flammable), Nitrogen is chemically stable and does not oxidize (combust), so it does not chemically explode.


We all know that a gas chair can offer the convenience by adjusting the height. However, you might have a concern of the potential explosion after reading this article. Well, most of gas chairs withe the gas cylinder lift are professionally checked before listing on the market. Therefore, those explosion accidences have been lowed to the minimum nowdays. However, if you are scary, I would suggest you choose other types of chair, e.g bean bag chairs, without cylinder gas lift. It is a matter of personal choice.

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