From Couches to Curios: A Historical Journey Unveiled

Step into a world where every piece of furniture tells a unique story.

From luxurious couches to captivating curios, each item at this consignment store on 7076 W 105th Street, Overland Park, is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

With a selection that changes daily, every visit promises a new adventure.

couches to curios

Couches to Curios is a consignment furniture store located at 7076 W 105th Street, Overland Park, offering a wide array of well-made, high-quality resale furniture and decor items.

From loveseats to dining tables, chairs to patio furniture, bedroom furniture to rugs, light fixtures to wall art, glassware to home decor, and even designer handbags, this store has something for everyone.

The inventory changes daily, featuring pre-owned authentic items that are in good to excellent condition.

While not affiliated with brands, Couches to Curios is a treasure trove of unique and stylish pieces for your home.

Key Points:

  • Consignment furniture store located at 7076 W 105th Street, Overland Park
  • Offers a wide array of well-made, high-quality resale furniture and decor items
  • Inventory includes loveseats, dining tables, chairs, patio furniture, bedroom furniture, rugs, light fixtures, wall art, glassware, home decor, and designer handbags
  • Features pre-owned authentic items in good to excellent condition
  • Not affiliated with brands, but offers unique and stylish pieces for the home
  • Inventory changes daily, providing a variety of options for shoppers

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💡 Did You Know?

1. In ancient Rome, couches were used as furniture items specifically reserved for men during social gatherings, while women were expected to sit on chairs or stools.

2. The word “couch” actually comes from the French word “couche,” meaning to lie down, reflecting the original purpose of couches as lounging furniture.

3. Some of the most valuable antique couches are known as “fainting couches,” which were popular in the 19th century and designed to help women suffering from tight corsets to comfortably recline.

4. Curios, also known as curio cabinets, gained popularity during the Victorian era as a way to display various collectibles and oddities, creating a sense of wonder and intrigue in the home.

5. The term “curio” itself is derived from the word “curiosity,” emphasizing the connection between curios and the human fascination with unique and rare objects.


  • The couch remains a timeless household essential, offering a space for relaxation, socializing, and brief respites.
  • At the consignment furniture store ‘Couches to Curios’, a diverse and extensive collection of couches awaits.
  • Ranging from contemporary, sleek designs to plush, oversized sectionals, the store caters to a wide array of preferences and décor styles.
  • Whether seeking a standout piece for the living room or a cozy haven for binge-watching, ‘Couches to Curios’ ensures a couch to meet every need.
  • Each couch undergoes meticulous curation to guarantee prime condition, promising both style and durability with every purchase.


At Couches to Curios, curios, or curious objects, play a vital role in enhancing the ambiance of living spaces. The collection at this establishment is a curated selection of unique and captivating items ranging from vintage trinkets to modern art pieces. Hand-picked with care, each curio is chosen to infuse your home decor with personality. Whether it’s antique glassware or designer handbags, these items add a touch of elegance and flair to your space. With an inventory that is constantly evolving, every visit to Couches to Curios promises a new and exciting discovery, creating a delightful experience for every customer.

  • Hand-picked selection of unique and intriguing curios
  • Range from vintage trinkets to modern art pieces
  • Infusing homes with elegance and flair
  • Constantly evolving inventory for a delightful experience

Consignment Furniture Store

  • Couches to Curios is a consignment furniture store that specializes in offering well-made items in good to excellent condition.
  • The store serves as a middleman, connecting sellers with high-quality resale furniture to buyers looking for unique pieces for their homes.
  • This model leads to a diverse selection of furniture and decor items and promotes sustainability by giving pre-owned items a second life.
  • Located at 7076 W 105th Street, Overland Park, ‘Couches to Curios’ caters to individuals who value authenticity and craftsmanship in their home furnishings.

Well-Made Items

  • ‘Couches to Curios’ maintains a strong emphasis on quality.
  • The store prides itself on offering durable and long-lasting items, such as sturdy dining tables and plush love seats.
  • Each piece undergoes careful inspection to ensure it meets the store’s high standards.
  • This dedication to quality guarantees that your purchase, whether it’s bedroom furniture, patio furniture, rugs, or light fixtures, is not only stylish but also durable.
  • Shopping at ‘Couches to Curios’ allows you to shop confidently, knowing your chosen items will enhance your home decor.

High-Quality Resale Furniture

One of the highlights of ‘Couches to Curios’ is its collection of high-quality resale furniture. Each piece in the store has been meticulously selected for its craftsmanship, design, and condition. By offering authentic pre-owned items, ‘Couches to Curios’ provides customers with the opportunity to bring luxury and style into their homes at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are looking for:

  • a statement piece to anchor your living room
  • a functional piece to complete your home office

the store’s inventory of high-quality resale furniture is sure to inspire and delight.

Couches to Curios’ collection offers a mix of luxury and affordability with carefully curated pre-owned furniture pieces.

Decor Items

  • In addition to furniture, ‘Couches to Curios’ also offers a wide range of decor items to complement your home’s aesthetic.
  • From wall art to glassware, the store’s collection of decor items adds the finishing touches that elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Whether you are looking to add a pop of color with a new rug or create a cozy atmosphere with decorative pillows, ‘Couches to Curios’ has everything you need to transform your house into a home.
  • The diverse selection ensures that you can find decor items that reflect your personal style and enhance the beauty of your living space.

Love Seats

  • Love seats are a versatile and stylish seating option that can add both comfort and sophistication to a room.
  • At ‘Couches to Curios,’ love seats are a popular choice for those looking to maximize seating in a smaller space or create a cozy seating area in a larger room.
  • The store’s collection of love seats features a variety of styles, from classic designs to modern interpretations, ensuring that there is a love seat to suit every taste.
  • Whether you prefer a plush, oversized love seat for lounging or a sleek, compact option for a more minimalistic look, ‘Couches to Curios’ has a selection that will appeal to you.

Inventory Changes Daily

‘Couches to Curios’ offers a unique shopping experience with its daily-changing inventory. The store’s collection is constantly updated with new arrivals, providing customers with the thrill of finding something fresh and unexpected during each visit. This dynamic inventory creates an atmosphere akin to a treasure hunt, making every shopping trip at ‘Couches to Curios’ exciting. Whether you have a particular furniture piece in mind or are seeking inspiration, the ever-evolving inventory ensures a vibrant and inviting atmosphere at the store.

  • New arrivals added daily
  • Discover fresh and unexpected items
  • Each visit is like a treasure hunt


1. How can couches be effectively integrated into a room that features a diverse collection of curios and decorations?

Couches can be effectively integrated into a room with a diverse collection of curios and decorations by carefully selecting colors and textures that complement the overall aesthetic. Opt for a neutral-colored couch that provides a versatile backdrop for the eclectic mix of decor, allowing the curios to shine. Additionally, consider incorporating throw pillows and blankets in coordinating patterns and hues to tie the elements together.

Strategic placement of the couch within the room can also enhance its integration. Position the couch as a focal point, while ensuring there is enough space around it to showcase the diverse collection of curios and decorations. This arrangement will create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere, where the couch seamlessly fits in with the room’s eclectic style.

2. What types of couch designs complement a display of curios and antiques in a living space?

For a display of curios and antiques in a living space, couch designs that are classic and elegant often complement the overall aesthetic. Chesterfield sofas with their button-tufted detailing and rolled arms create a sophisticated and timeless look that pairs well with antique pieces. Additionally, a vintage-style camelback sofa or a traditional Lawson sofa with simple lines can provide a perfect backdrop for showcasing the unique charm of curios and antiques.

When aiming to enhance a display of curios and antiques, choosing couch designs with muted or neutral colors like beige, cream, or soft grey can help highlight the intricate details of the collectibles. Tufted velvet sofas or tufted leather couches also add a luxurious touch to the space, enhancing the richness of the displayed antiques. Mixing in textured fabrics like linen or chenille can further complement the eclectic mix of curios, providing a stylish and inviting setting for showcasing cherished pieces.

3. How can the color and fabric choice of a couch influence the overall aesthetic appeal of a room filled with curios?

The color and fabric choice of a couch can significantly impact the overall aesthetic appeal of a room filled with curios. For example, a bold and vibrant color like a rich navy blue or deep emerald green can create a striking focal point in the room, drawing attention to the couch and complementing the various curios around it. On the other hand, a neutral color such as beige or gray can provide a more subtle backdrop, allowing the curios to take center stage.

Additionally, the fabric choice of the couch can contribute to the overall vibe of the room. A plush velvet couch can add a touch of luxury and sophistication, while a casual linen or cotton fabric can create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere. By carefully selecting the color and fabric of the couch, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room and create a harmonious balance with the curios on display.

4. In what ways can the arrangement and positioning of couches contribute to highlighting and highlighting the beauty of curios on display?

The arrangement and positioning of couches can contribute to highlighting the beauty of curios on display by creating a focal point around the curios. Placing the couches in a way that directs attention towards the curios, such as facing them directly or positioning them in a way that naturally leads the eye to the display, can help showcase the unique and intricate details of the curios.

Additionally, using the couches to create a balanced and cohesive design around the curios can enhance their beauty. By strategically placing the couches in relation to the size, shape, and color of the curios, a harmonious aesthetic can be achieved that draws attention to the curios while also creating a visually pleasing and inviting space for guests to enjoy.

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