Why are Herman Miller Gaming Chairs So Expensive?

why herman miller gaming chair so expensive

The American furniture manufacturer Herman Miller is known for its ergonomic chairs. Now the company is focusing more on the gaming market and is announcing a new version of Aeron and Embody, two of the most expensive gaming chairs on the market. Why are these two Herman Miller gaming chairs so expensive? We will guide you through some points straight to the question in this article.

Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Chairs

The Aeron was first introduced in 1994 and was primarily intended for offices. Today, you can find the chair in many places, as Tim Straker, Head of Marketing of the company, revealed in a press release:

Aeron is one of the, if not the most versatile chairs ever designed, and we’ve seen it used everywhere from professional athlete locker rooms to sports studios to recording studios – it’s even in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Now the Aeron is being launched in a special edition for gamers. It comes in several versions, with the cheapest for $ 1,445.

What Makes Herman Miller Costs So Much?

What makes the chair so expensive? The ergonomics and decades of experience should make a difference.

The new Aeron costs a lot of money, but it should also offer a lot:

  • Powerful ergonomics. The back is divided into 8 zones, each of which is tensioned differently.
  • Different specifications are already during manufacture so that the chair is perfectly adapted to the size and build of the person sitting.
  • There are fully adjustable armrests.
  • The seat has special ventilation so that body heat and water vapor are dissipated.
  • The chair is delivered complete and no assembly is necessary. There is also a 12-year guarantee for 24-hour use. The chair will be available from September 14th. It can already be pre-ordered on the official website.

Herman Miller and Logitech Embody Gaming Chair

herman miller gaming chair size

The Aeron is also not the company’s first gaming chair. Back in July, we reported on a collaboration between Herman Miller and Logitech that resulted in a “$ 1,500” chair, Embody.

The Embody Gaming Chair is the most expensive that Herman Miller has launched to date. The Embody Gaming Chair is the company’s Embody office chair, which has been available for a long time and has been slightly modified.Β The price remains in the four digits.

The Embody should support the body when sitting in the office and promote a natural posture for the back and pelvis. For this purpose, the shape and resistance of the backrest imitate the posture of the body when standing, further adjustment options allow the shape to be adapted to the spine. The seat and back, writes Herman Miller, would also distribute the pressure evenly when sitting through 150-point mountings.

Adjustments for Players

However, gaming over a longer period of time is a different requirement than sitting in the office, according to a joint press release. That is why the Embody chair was adapted to this type of requirement. The companies cannot resist a swipe at other gaming chairs: Traditional gaming chairs “typically focus on appearance”, but are uncomfortable and would lead to decreased performance due to the higher stress on the body.

Since players would sit in front of the desk up to three times longer than office workers, the Embody Gaming Chair has cooling foam under the seat, which is supposed to regulate the temperature of the legs. There is an additional foam element in the backrest to support the upright sitting position when playing. The maximum load capacity is 158 kilograms according to the press release, but only 136 kilograms are mentioned on the homepage.

The Price: High

Unlike the conventional Embody, the gaming version cannot be configured any further. The backrest is always dyed Logitech cyan, and the front made of polyester remains black like the seat frame and chair cross. This variant, therefore, costs a little less than the Embody, which costs around $1400. Herman Miller and the Logitech webshop price for around $1500. A twelve-year guarantee and shipping are included in the price.

Final Thoughts

Although these Herman Miller gaming chairs are so highly-priced, they have already been widely used among gamers. According to many gaming chairs testing websites, Herman Miller chairs are rated close to 5 by most users. You can regard them as a wise investment in a healthy future if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Herman Miller gaming chairs are highly recommended.

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