Why are Office Chairs So Expensive?

why office chair expensive

A good office chair will always provide you with the desired comfort, and no sagging feeling after a long day of work. But when you have to upgrade a new office chair, what is your affordable budget to acquire a new chair for computer office work? However, you might be notified that the majority of office chairs are priced at a high price on the market. So, why are good computer office chairs so expensive nowadays?

Why are Some Good Office Chairs so Expensive?

In order to figure out the high cost behind the office chairs, you need to step further to understand all ins and outs of a really good office chair. Below are 5 factors that largely influence the price of office chairs. We’ve listed these in no particular order.

Functionality for Design

If you need an office chair, it is important to map out the user’s wishes. This mainly relates to the length of time that you are consecutively in the chair and in which situation you will use the chair. After all, there is a good chance that you will make a further choice if you are looking for an office chair that you use on average for an hour a day or more than 6 to 8 hours a day. It also makes a difference whether the chair is placed in a flex desk or in a place where someone is sitting 24 hours a day, such as at a reporting center. After all, the design of the chair must be adapted to its functionality, even if this is a more expensive option.

Quality of the Parts

A good office chair is made of good durable parts that provide good support. This often has a higher price tag. In this case, cheap is often expensive. Many inexpensive office chairs are beautifully designed but made of cheap materials, which means that they quickly break down and/or do not provide the correct support you need to be able to work in a good working posture. This is also the reason that the better seats often have a warranty period of 5 to 10 years on the mechanical parts. This warranty period can safely be seen as proof that you are making a safe choice.

Fabric from the Upholstery

In addition to color and printing, the quality of the fabric on the chair is also very important. The quality of the fabric is indicated (with us in Europe) in units Martindale. This is a unit that offers insights into the wear resistance of furniture textiles. To determine this value, a test is performed in which the fabric is rubbed with a specified force against a standard abrasive surface. It is hereby determined how quickly threads of flat fabrics wear through and pile fabrics become bare. A fabric that is quickly subject to wear and tear is given a low value. Fabrics with a higher value are therefore more resistant to wear and tear, but they are of course more expensive in pricing. For office use, we recommend materials of at least 50,000 rpm Martindale. This costs a little more,

Ergonomic Support

It is very important that a good office chair offers optimal support to the body and that you can adopt a good posture. Of course, the setting options play a major role in this. A cheaper chair often has fewer adjustment options than a more expensive chair. When choosing an office chair, it is good to determine whether it is equipped with lumbar support, whether the armrests can be raised, to the side and forwards, and whether the seat can be moved forward. With regard to the seat, it is also important whether it tilts backward. As a result, a good pelvic position can be assumed and the metabolism is maintained. All these factors are important to provide good support for your body while you are working.

Safety Standards for Health

Does your expensive office chair break? Most high-quality office chairs come with a warranty period of no less than 10 years. This means that the producer assumes that you can use the office chair for at least ten years.

It is of course important to choose office chairs that meet health and safety standards. However, these safety standards are varied in different regions. NEN-EN 1335 is the European standard in this field. The USA also has its own standards.

One thing you should know is the different standards tend to mean the quality difference. A good office chair is qualified for European customers, as it meets European standards. They define the unique quality standards for the European market. However, it might not apply to the USA market. Therefore, we suggest buying a good office chair from the local market, rather than internationally.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s worth spending a little extra on a good office chair. Rather than looking for a cheap price tag, it is much better for your health to buy a chair that is perfect for your posture. If you really want to buy a good office chair now, there is always the option to buy brand new office chairs. However, if you are really tight on the budget, second-hand office chairs are also a good alternative. Just make sure that the second-hand office chair is not worn out yet.


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