Opseat Gaming Chair Review

opseat gaming chair

The Opseat Gaming Chair has been discontinued since Opseat went out of business. However, the Opseat Gaming Chair is still one of the classic gaming gears that many gamers have loved. In this article, we will guide you through the ins and outs of the chair for the purpose of memory.

OPSEAT Master Series 2018 PC Gaming Chair

OPSEAT’s newest innovation provides the ultimate comfort room for gaming. Made with high-quality, durable fabric and the finest materials available, this chair is designed to last while keeping you more focused on your game than your back pain. This is your perfect companion to conquer any virtual world.

Opseat Gaming Chair is right for gamers that want to be comfortable and look good. Designed with gaming chairs in mind, this professional grade chair features racing seat and armrests for comfort during long gaming sessions. The breathable perforated leather and cold molded foam interior will ensure you are comfortable during long sessions.

Want to play with a lot of comfort and style? The OPSEAT Master Series will make you feel the difference instantly when you sit in it. The advanced features like adjustable seat height, 4D arm rests and 180 degrees reclining back make it a must-have for any serious gamer. No more compromises when it comes to gaming, comfort and performance – this is one chair you can’t afford to miss.

It’s time to put your game face on and experience the ultimate gaming experience. The latest and most advanced design, the 2018 Master Series Racing Seat has a new look and feel. With its high strength metal frame, non-marking nylon wheels and a heavy duty base, it supports up to 300 pounds of weight.

About The Opseat Brand

Opseat was founded by two people who like to play video games. They monetized their passion for gaming by selling training services. In 2015, back pain became an issue for their team after years of gaming and working online. The Opseat gaming chair brand was launched because of an opportunity. The goal was to become a high quality brand. They have a streamlined product line today. It has a gaming desk, a flagship chair and a wider version.

There are small product lines that help to concentrate on research. Secretlab and Noblechairs have small product lines too. Every two years, the result of focused R&D is big changes. This is true with Opseat. The chairs were upgraded with a new design in 2019. The traditional racing style seat has been replaced. The new models are more durable and have better support. The new versions were made more durable by the upgraded materials. The chair warranty of Opseat doubled from one to two years.

What Happened To Opseat?

The Opseat was a popular brand selling high-quality chairs and desk products. The company used to do well, however, some reasons caused them to go out of business and they are no longer producing the Opseat chairs. The Opseat gaming chair has reached its end of life and no longer for sale.

Opseat went out of business because they couldn’t make enough profit with the increased tariffs. It’s really unfortunate because they had good customer service.

Marketing failure is also another reason that contributes its business close-down.Β  The company continued to sponsor Darksydephil – a streamer on Twitch that has been blasted for being toxic and promoting sexual assault of underage girls.

You can expect that nobody wanted Opseat products because they didn’t want to be associated with someone who is toxic.


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