Nokaxus Gaming Chair Review

nokaxus gaming chair review

If you are looking above all for a chair capable of supporting tall skinny guys, and you take that priority over the comfort offered, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is an option to consider. You can buy it on for a price of around $ 200, one of the best gaming chairs for tall skinny people.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair is Reviewed

First of all, the great advantage of this chair is that it is able to accommodate a maximum weight of 158 kg, which is 350 lbs. That’s noticeably higher than average for a $200 gaming chair, and therefore makes larger people feel comfortable. Unfortunately, the size of the seat itself is reduced.

The chair measures 41.91 * 55.98 cm, which is equivalent to 16.5 * 22 inches, and is not optimal for people with a fat body. As for the seat height, it goes from 49.02 to 56.9 cm, that is to say, 19.3 to 22.4 in. The backrest is 91.95 cm high, or 36.2 inches, and is therefore comfortable even for tall people.

Nokaxus gaming chairs come in a few colors. Pink and blue have the merit of being original, but they often appeal to children more than parents because of their kitschy side. More classic options, black or black and red, are also available.

The warranty is quite modest since it is only for one year. You have one month to return the chair without having to justify a reason. The durability can be disappointing, the polyurethane coating is okay but not more effective than on cheaper products, and a few things break easily, like the armrests.

You have four tilt modes, from 90 to 180°. We did not notice any problem on this plan, nor on the gas spring: the stability offered is therefore correct, and the casters can turn 360°.

The armrests are adjustable in two directions. The headrest is removable, and you can add cotton to it if you want to enlarge it. A USB massage support is available, in the lumbar cushion.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair – Best for Tall Skinny People

If you are over 1.80m tall and/or weigh over 50kg, you should know how difficult it can be to find a chair where you can sit comfortably. Ultra-premium chairs that sell for $ 500 or more are better at accommodating the tall guys, but finding a good chair for the cheaper takes a bit of work. The Nokaxus gaming chair is the type of extra-large that can fit the big body well but won’t cost you much.

The Nokaxus Extra-Large gaming chair features a sturdy steel frame that comfortably supports up to 350 pounds. It can also be set to sit higher than many other chairs, which is why tall people having longer legs can sit comfortably.

The Nokaxus chair has an extra-wide back, seat, and armrests, all of which help alleviate the “pinched ass and back” syndrome that big players know very well. It’s almost five inches wider than the comparable GT RACING GT099 chair (25.6″ vs. 20.8″), which may not sound like much, but it really is.

Other nice features include a retractable footrest that actually extends far enough to be useful for players up to six feet and a massaging lumbar pillow like the one on the KILLABEE.

While the Nokaxus Extra Large Gaming Chair is a fantastic product overall, it isn’t perfect. It may just be too big to be comfortable if you’re average or short, which is an issue easily solved by purchasing one of the thousands of other chairs that are fit for you.

Its biggest problem is that while the chassis and gas lift are great heavy-duty parts, some are made cheaply. The wheelbase, in particular, is made of a light, thin plastic that looks out of place on an “extra-wide” chair; Many Amazon users have reported that it breaks into several pieces during normal use.

The Key Features Summary

  • The most original colors;
  • Very colorful models, pink and blue;
  • Maximum weight supported: 158/350 lbs;
  • Backrest height: 91.95 cm /36.2″;
  • Seat height: 49.02 to 56.9 cm /19.3 to 22.4″;
  • Seat: 41.91 * 55.98 cm / 16.5 * 22″;
  • Limited warranty: 1 year.

Pros and Cons of the Nokaxus Gaming Chair

  • Maximum load supported
  • Best for tall skinny users
  • Original designs
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Nice wide backrest
  • High-quality PU leather


  • Some components are not very robust
  • The warranty of one year is a bit short


The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is available in colors that are very appealing to teenagers and offers a quite decent durability. However, its oddly small proportions, which do not correspond to its high maximum supported weight, might cause users’ hesitation. Overall, Nokaxus is a perfect gaming chair especially if you are skinny and tall.

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