Millberget Office Swivel Chair Review

millberget office chair review

A good office chair can not only improve your work efficiency but also impact your life tremendously. Having the wrong office chair can result in low productivity and health problem, especially if you are sitting in the office for long hours in working sessions. Therefore, in case you constantly feel uncomfortable or even sciatica back pain (best office chair for sciatica nerve pain) with hours of sitting in either office or home, it is time for you to upgrade your working chair to the better ones. In this review article, Millberget swivel office chair from IKEA is one of those top gears that we would recommend.

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Millberget Swivel Office Chair IKEA Review

IKEA is a well-known name for providing a durable and sturdy office chair ranging in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. These amazing products have an affordable price range that easily adapts to the wide range of users to shop for comfortable office chairs even with a low budget.

This Millberget swivel chair Bomstad black is one of the most comfortable IKEA products. It is a desk chair suitable for domestic use and meets all the requirements for durability. Its foam stuffed padding for arms, back, and the seat is exceptionally comfortable. Perfects height, angles, and just the right height or armrests make it a good buy.

It has alloy steel frame material and polyurethane, cotton seat material. For millberget swivel chairs, leather is the material used for seating.

Ergonomic shape, padded material, and supportive structure provide ease and relief when you need to sit in front of your computer for hours. IKEA has given this chair a premium feel of support and comfort. Its lower cushion is thickly padded that is suitable for long-term sittings by eliminating numbness. Its resistance to rocking is impressively adjustable, and it allows you to adjust the chair according to the intensity of movement and your weight. 

The Key Features of Millberget Office Swivel Chairs

 Millberget chairs have the following impressive features:

  • Adjustable tilt tension is useful to adjust the resistance according to your body weight and movement.
  • Its built-in lumbar support provides more relief and extra support to your back.
  • The adjustable height of the chair allows you to sit more comfortably.
  • Its pressure-sensitive brake mechanism for safety castor keeps the chair in place when you stand up, and when you sit down, it releases automatically.
  • Wheels are equipped with safety breaks to respond according to the pressure changes.
  • Chair caster wheels are made up of polypropylene plastic for this chair having grip ring stem with 10mm x 22mm, and 2″ caster.
  • It is the chair having comfortable foam-stuffed padding for arms, back, and seat.
  • These caster wheels exceed BIFMA quality standards for safety and craftsmanship.
  • The rubber coatings on running rollers avoid any noise issues.
  • Millberget chair by IKEA has faux-leather upholstery with a proper mix of cotton and polyester.
  • Armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted according to your height or the desk’s height, but you can remove these if you find them annoying.
  • Available in black color with the length, width, and height of 76 x 56 x 24.
  • The maximum weight capacity allowed by the manufacturers is 110 Kg.
  • It has wheels that are specially designed for soft floors.
  • Needs vacuum clean or wipe clean with a water-dampened cloth.


Some of the major pros of the Millberget swivel chair are:

  • This chair has an affordable price range that is worthy of investing
  • Consistent lumbar support with adjustable height
  • Comfy and relaxing
  • Tilt lock available
  • Can be used with KOLON floor protector
  • Premium features without a weighty price


The observed cons of the Millberget swivel chair are:

  • No adjustable armrests
  • Ten days replacement only


Adjustments, environment, aesthetics, and movement are the key things to look out for for a while, choosing an office chair or a chair for your home working space. IKEA is providing all these features in a single option. Either you choose a Millberget swivel chair, Millberget office chair, or Alefjall office chair, IKEA offers impressive durability, quality, design, and performance for these chairs at an affordable price.

Millberget office chair, Millberget swivel chair, and Alefjall office chair are the best office chairs that can stand up to hours of use and deliver comfort and ease to you.

IKEA provides innovatively designed standout pieces at an astonishingly low cost. These Millberget and Alefjall chairs suit the preferred aesthetic with their sleek and stylish designs. These products are impressive and provide comfort and productivity all in one.

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