Joystick Hotas Chair Mount Review for 2023

joystick hotas chair mount review

A joystick chair mount is a perfect solution for playing games, reading, or watching movies. The EG STARTS Joystick Mount is designed to be the perfect solution for flight simulation and home cockpit builders with a requirement or interest in having a joystick mounted in a stationary chair.

It’s compatible with many of the most popular flight simulation controllers on the market today and is designed to allow you to easily attach, detach and relocate your joystick when needed.

Joystick/Hotas Chair Mount Key Features

Ever feel like you’re a part of the action because you can’t get your hands on the joystick or throttle? We fixed that with our Joystick Chair Mount.

This chair mount was designed for one thing – secure hold for your joystick or HOTAS. Made from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, this chair mount is ideal for any gamer.

Whether you’re a gamer or a professional pilot, our ergonomic chair mount gives you the advantage of a joystick and HOTAS setup. When you’re not playing, it folds away for easy storage.

Adjustable Height and Distance

The mounting plates for the joystick and throttle valve can be adjusted and fixed in height and distance to perfectly fit your needs. Never let go of the joystick or throttle again.

Highly Compatible

The EG STArts Chair Mount is the perfect solution for your cockpit setup. You can now use your favorite controller on a chair, with this mount and your favorite chair, steering wheel, or throttle.

Have you ever wanted a more immersive experience with your favorite games but needed to get up from your chair? This joystick mount turns any chair into a cockpit and supports any joystick system. It’s perfect for Fighter Pilots, Sim/Racing Gamers, and much more.

Directly Attached to Gaming Chair

EG STARTS Games Joystick / Hotas Chair Mount is the perfect solution for those with bad posture, who love playing games and want to get the best experience possible.

The durable attachment secures your joystick or HOTAS controller to your favorite gaming chair so that you can play as long as you want.

Designed to be easily attached to the majority of gaming chairs, the Joystick/Hotas Chair Mount is perfect for flying in space games or any other game that requires uninterrupted, hands-on control.

Two Mounts Setup

Joystick & throttle mounts are both included to satisfy different types of gamers and maximize comfort. The flexible arm design pivots & rotates, allowing for ultimate visibility without any obstructions. With two mounts available (joystick and throttle), you can be sure to find the perfect setup.

Final Thoughts

EG STARTS Games Joystick / Hotas Chair Mounts are innovative and let you transform your own gaming chair into a stable cockpit, without major changes or upgrades.

Mounting the device to your chair allows for stable gameplay in any situation. Using this mount guarantees you the best seat in the house. Forget about rearranging your room, get a new mount instead.




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