How to Stop Gaming Chair from Sinking

how to stop gaming chair sinking

A gaming chair is not only a comfortable place to sit but also an important part of your gaming setup. You have to make sure that you are sitting in the right position so that your back, arms, and legs are properly supported. However, the gaming chair might start to sink after some time due to various reasons.

If you keep working in a lower gaming chair, the wrong sitting position might cause you health problems in long run. Let’s reveal why your gaming chairs get low down and how to fix the sinking problem.

What Causes a Gaming Chair to Sink

There are times when you might find that your gaming chair is sinking. This can be due to many reasons – for example, the material used in the construction of the chair is too soft or it may be because you are overweight.

The weight of the person sitting on the chair is not the only factor to consider when a gaming chair sinks. While some people might not be heavy enough to make a difference, some people might be more than twice as heavy as others.

Low-quality chairs will often have a looser frame or without any sort of reinforcement. This means that they are less able to hold up any weight and will more likely sink down when sat on.

What Are the Solutions if it Starts to Sink?

To combat this, it is important to ensure that you buy an ergonomic gaming chair from a reputable company. They usually have reinforced frames and coverings that are designed to both help create a more comfortable surface while making sure that it can’t sink in under your weight.

You can use a self-adhesive felt mat beneath the chair to create a cushion and prevent the chair from sinking into the flooring.

Another option is to place a sheet of plywood or MDF board beneath the chair’s bottom legs and screws it into place using wood screws every 12 inches or so.

You can also purchase an elevated ring that you can place around your desk and screw the base of your gaming chair to this ring. It won’t sink down when you lean back in the chair.

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