How to Reupholster a Curved Back Chair

how to reupholster a curved back chair

Do you have an old chair that you want to reupholster? In this DIY guide, you can read how you can easily upholster a chair yourself. How to reupholster a curved back chair? We also share a working guide to reupholster a chair with a curved back. If you master these skills, you might be able to reupholster many other furniture so as to extend their lifespan and save more expense on that expensive furniture.

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Reupholster the Furniture

Is your home in need of a refresh, but your wallet does not allow for large expenses? Then it is wise to renovate an old chair. The chair fabric might be worn out or color fading, however, the interior is still fine and users can still sit in very comfortably. If you are going to upholster yourself, you not only save a lot of expense but also do good things for the environment. Therefore, reupholster a chair or any other furniture should be your priority option.

What do you Need to Reupholster a Chair?

We should get these tools ready for the chair furniture to upholster first.

  • New fabric (preferably a plain fabric for beginners);
  • Staple gun (staples of up to 8 mm);
  • Marker;
  • Pins;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Scissors;
  • Possibly foam for refilling or paint/varnish for finishing.

How to Reupholster the Chair?

upholster dining room chair

Before reupholstering the chair, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can the chair be taken apart?
  • Which parts do I want to reupholster?
  • Does the filling need to be replaced?

Once you have the answers, please follow these steps to reupholster your chair.

Take pictures and notes of the chair

Take photos of the (details of the) chair before disassembling it and write down the tricky spots. That is very useful if you get stuck later.

Take the chair apart

If you want to neatly reupholster a chair, you have to be able to reach everything. So you have to take apart the chair partially.

Remove the old fabric

Remove the old fabric from the chair as neatly as possible. You will use this later as a template for marking out the new fabric.

Check whether the filling (foam) is still good and replace it if necessary.

Place the seat upside down on and in the center of the new piece of fabric. The new pieces of fabric should be cut off neatly. You should secure the fabric on one side with a staple gun. Then pull the fabric taut to the opposite side and staple it too.

Check whether the fabric is taut and put the seat back in the chair.

Fix minor flaws

A wobbly leg or a damaged paint layer is better repaired before you upholster the chair.

To make your chair look tidy and neat, you should keep the staples at the bottom of the chair. Then finish the bottom of the chair with a nice piece of fabric.

How to Reupholster a Chair with a Curved Back?

reupholster curved back chair

If the chair back is curved, you can follow the following steps to reupholster a curved back chair. The steps mentioned above can also be referred to.

Firstly, you should remove the material from the back and seat of the chair. Then you cut pieces of thin foam or cotton batting to fit the chair and the front of the chair where your backrests.

The next is to pair the foam or batting with a staple gun and keep the staples space about 2 inches gap.

Then you cut a piece of new fabric to fit the chair seat, plus an extra 2 inches of fabric around all sides. Place the seat on the fabric. Pull the material up firmly over the edge. Secure it to the bottom of the chair with some upholstery staples or nails.

Measure two pieces of fabric for the back of the chair – one for the front and one for the back – including an extra 2 inches of fabric all around. Cut the pieces. Attach the back piece by pulling tight around all sides and securing with staples. Close the second piece at the front of the chair. Pull the ends tight. Make sure the top piece overlaps the other piece, then fold it under the edge of the fabric and secure it with upholstery tacks.

Finally, you replace the chair seat and trim off any loose fabric or threads. The reupholstered chair with a curved back has been renovated for you. You can sit in there to test how comfortable it is now.

Final Words

Reupholstering chairs can be an inexpensive way to change the look of your dining room. You can do one chair at a time so the project doesn’t take up your family’s eating space, or you can do them all at once for a dramatic change. Choose a fabric that matches your decor. For kitchen chairs, try a coated fabric that will wipe clean easily. For the dining room, if desired, you can add something decorative.

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