How To Remove The Back Of A Recliner

How To Remove The Back Of A Recliner

With recliner chairs becoming more popular in recent years, the number of broken chairs needing repair has also risen substantially. Removing the back is one of the most common repairs on a recliner chair.

People often find themselves in this situation because they don’t know how to remove the back of a recliner. They get frustrated and give up. The process becomes an obstacle that prevents them from bringing life back into a beautiful old piece of furniture.

It’s not difficult to remove the back of a recliner. There are useful steps and helpful tips included in this post tutorial so you can learn how to do it in seconds, without any hassles.

Quick and Easy Steps to Remove the Back of a Recliner

If your recliner has seen better days and you’re considering replacing the back, you’re in luck. It’s actually a pretty easy process that anyone can do with a few simple tools. Here’s a quick and easy guide to removing the back of a recliner.

First, remove any screws or bolts that are holding the back in place. You may find these on the sides, bottom, or top of the chair. Once all the screws are removed, gently pull the back away from the rest of the chair. If it’s stuck, wiggle it back and forth until it comes loose.

Now that the back is off, you’ll be able to see all the mechanisms that make your recliner work. Take this opportunity to vacuum out any dust or debris that may have accumulated over time. If any of the moving parts are damaged, now is also a good time to replace them.

Once you’ve cleaned everything up (How to clean the headrest on a recliner) and made any necessary repairs, it’s time to put the back on. Line up the holes where the screws go and start screwing everything back into place. Make sure everything is tight so that the back doesn’t come off again when you least expect it.

That’s it. With just a few quick and easy steps, you can remove and replace the back of your recliner. No professional help is required.


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