How to Make Office Chair Higher

how to make office chair higher

When an office chair is adjusted to the right height, it becomes more comfortable and enjoyable to use. However, sometimes when a chair is new or you share with another user, it can be challenging to work out how to make the chair higher. So here we’ll give our top tips on how to make your office chair taller.

How do you Raise the Height of an Office Chair?

In most cases, you’ll find a height adjustment lever below the seat, allowing you to lower or increase the office chair height. Release this level and let it rise to the height required, and then lock the lever back into place. This is the most basic method commonly used to increase an office chair’s height, but this will vary depending on the chair you have.

Other office chairs may have a threaded post. In that case, you should turn the chair on its side and then rotate the base anticlockwise to raise the height until you reach the desired height.

The method used to raise an office chair will always depend on the style of the chair. Other ways we have encountered to raise chair height include gas lift cylinders, using wood or other objects underneath the chair to increase the height, most chairs can be adjusted somehow, and when they can’t, it’s possible to perform some DIY to achieve the desired result.

The Things to Learn Before Increasing the Chair Height

First, before you begin to increase the office chair height, you need to determine precisely what height you require the chair to lift to. The correct height for an office chair means the edge of the chair seat should be the same height as your knees, and you should achieve a right angle shape between your upper and lower legs for the most comfortable seating position.

You should also check the height of your office chair in relation to the desk you will be seated at. Also, your forearms, that’s, your elbow to palm horizontal to the floor. In most cases, once adjusted to the correct height, your armrests should be parallel to the desk.

Ok, now we know the height required, it’s time to identify what type of off chair you want to adjust. There are commonly three types of office chair:

  • Chairs with a threaded post;
  • Chairs with a height adjustment lever;
  • Chairs without these adjustment methods

As we’ve now worked out the ideal height and the type of chair for the next step, you’ll want to raise the chair to the correct height, and how you do this will depend on the kind of chair you have. Here we will look at some of the most common methods and some non-standard ones too:

Use the height adjustment lever

The height adjustment lever is the most common method to increase office chair height. Simply lift the lever until you reach the optimum height for you.

Adjust a threaded post

If your office chair has a threaded post under the seat, here are the steps you will need to take to adjust it to increase the chair height:

First, turn the chair upside down, so the base is facing upwards.

Turn the base counterclockwise to reach the correct height.

Turn the chair back over to check in relation to the angle of your legs and check if the armrests are parallel with your workstation.

Increase the gas lift height

Did you know the length of the gas leaver dictates how high your chair will go? If you’ve already adjusted your chair to the maximum height and still need more, you probably wonder how I can make my office chair higher? Looking for a longer gas cylinder with a stroke of more than 5 inches will achieve the best results.

Use a height extension kit

For many office chairs, it is possible to purchase an office chair height extender kit that will add a reasonable amount of height while still maintaining the adjustable functionality of the chair. Most of these kits are simple to use and effective.

Use a pillow or cushion to increase the chair height

If you have adjusted the chair and find you are still an inch or so out, consider adding a pillow or cushion to give you a little boost. While this is a great short-term solution, it may cause back problems in the long term due to the misalignment of your body with the chair.

How do you Raise an Office Chair Without a Lever?

Because office chairs come in all shapes and sizes, there are some which might not include the height adjustment most desk workers would prefer. Never the less you may still want to adjust the chair for a more comfortable experience. Here are a few things you can try if you need some extra height and feel handy:

Use wooden pieces

You can raise the height of a chair by a few inches by placing blocks of wood between the chair seat and the lower part of the chair. You will need to make a hole in the wooden piece using a drill, as you’ll need to pass screws through to secure the wood in place once you have found the right height. This method does require a certain amount of skill, so if in doubt, get a professional to assist.

Add a platform below the chair

If taking a chair apart and using power tools doesn’t appeal to you how about adding a platform underneath the chair to give you those much needed extra inches? This could be a piece of wood or another flat and secure item. If your chair has wheels remember to lock them into place if using this method.

Replace the wheels with bigger ones

Your chairs casters or wheels will be adding some height to your chair, so replacing them with larger ones will give you a little extra height.

Get a bigger chair

After considering all the options, it just makes more sense and is more practical to replace the chair rather than carry out some of the above methods. Even after trying to raise the height, some chairs are just smaller and might never reach the ideal height. In this case, choosing a bigger chair is a wise choice because you’ll be more comfortable when working and lower the risk of injuries.

What Happens if your Chair is Too Low?

When your office chair position is set too low, you’ll end up bending your upper body every time you get up. This can add pressure and increase the change of stress on your knees, hips and joints. Sitting in a position that is too low for prolonged periods can cause injury and persistent pain. Making sure any office chair you use is adjusted to the correct height will make you more comfortable and significantly reduce the chance of injury.

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