How to Lower Office Chair Without Lever

how to lower office chair without lever

Are you trying to adjust the height of your office chair but can’t find the lever? There are a few reasons why your chair might not have a lever to adjust the height. You might have an older office chair that is adjusted using large screws instead of the pneumatic lift. The height adjustment lever is missing from your chair.

Another reason is that the chair might not have any adjustment function. We are going to take a closer look at each of the problems and how you might solve them.

Why do You Need to Adjust An Office Chair Manually?

The chairs in business offices and home offices have pneumatic lifts that make it easy to adjust the height.

They had to be manually adjusted. If you can’t find the height adjustment lever on your office chair, there’s a chance you don’t have one of those. How do you adjust the height of the chairs?

Adjusting the height of an old chair isn’t as simple as pushing a lever. You will need to turn the chair clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the height because the chairs have threaded posts.

How To Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever?

The pneumatic lifts and levers in most of the chairs used in offices are very helpful in height adjustment. The pneumatic lifts in old office chairs are not included. These chairs have no height adjustment levers. The height of these chairs needs to be adjusted manually. If you work long hours on old model chairs and want to upgrade your chair, you can check out our website.

You do not need a lever to adjust your office chair. If you are working in an older model chair, you need to stand up from your chair to adjust the height. Older models don’t have a pneumatic lever and can’t be adjusted while you are sitting on them.

Fix Office Chair Lever

You will need to replace the lever if you want a permanent fix. You won’t find what you need if you go on the internet for a replacement lever. Office chair adjustment levers are not usually sold in a single package. You will need to purchase a new office chair mechanism with a lever.

The next step would be to replace your old one once your new one arrives. Refer to our How to Take Apart an Office Chair for instructions on the process of dissembling an office chair. When the repair is complete, your office chair will be back to normal. You will be able to raise and lower it with a single lever.

Measure Chair Height

There are different methods you can use to raise chair height without a lever. If you want to try out these methods, you have to choose the right chair height.

Measure the height of your chair from the floor. If you want your feet to be comfortable while seated, choose a height that’s appropriate. The height of the chair should be between the floor and the knee joint. Your legs should form a 90-degree angle so that you don’t suffer any pain.

Use a marker to mark the height on the chair or on the distance. It is important to ensure that your body posture is not compromised while determining the height. You have to measure the chair height.

Using Bolt Mechanism Under the Chair

If the above method of making the office chair higher doesn’t apply to your chair, you may have a chair with an under the bolt mechanism. Only a large bolt at the bottom of the chair can be used to modify these types of chairs. The bolt can either be turned in one direction or the other.

One of the easiest ways to adjust your office chairs without a level is by rotating the chair. You can change the height by rotating it clockwise or anti-clockwise. To raise the height and to lower the seat height, you must move the chair in a clockwise direction and in the anticlockwise direction. When you get the height that you need, turn the chair clockwise. When the chair is adjusted, sit on it to make sure it’s comfortable.

To adjust the height, first stand up from the chair because older chairs can’t be measured while seated. Stand up from the chair and adjust it. You can see the chair going up and down by rotating the bolt under the seat with your bare hands. Stop the chair as soon as you reach the perfect position if you want to increase the height.

If necessary, use a tool. Once the height is raised or lowered, sit on the chair and figure out if it’s comfortable. If the seating position is comfortable, then you should find the best measurement.

Fix Lock Mechanism to Adjust Chair Height

There are many nonpneumatic office chairs that have a lock that prevents height adjustment. To fix the issue and make the chair higher, you have to release its locking.

To loosen the lock, you can use the tools like a wrench or screwdriver. In case the lock is rusty, lubricating oil may be used. After releasing the lock, use the same pattern of rotation that was used before. The chair can be adjusted to any height.

Add Wooden Pieces to Raise Chair Height

Detach the seat and place wooden pieces underneath it. The method will take more time and effort than the previous ones. Remove the seat from the chair.

To remove the seat, firstly, flip the chair to its side and then use a screwdriver or wrench to remove the screws. You can increase the height by using wooden pieces that the seat is detached. The wooden pieces should be between the seat and the lower part of the chair. Use a drill to make a hole in a wooden piece. Attach it to the seat by attaching nuts and screws.

Final Words

For some reason the lever is missing. The best way to get your chair fixed is to take it to the nearest furniture repair shop. However, you can also fix this problem at home, if you have proper tools kit and know how.

So you have it! If you ever encounter an office chair without a lever to raise or lower it, you will know how to fix it. Here’s a bullet list of the solutions we provided.

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