How to Keep Recliner from Hitting Wall

how to keep recliner from hitting the wall

The recliner is a great addition to any living room. It offers comfort and support to the back and the head. But what happens when you whack the wall with it? Well, for starters, your pricey piece of furniture can be damaged and you may also damage your walls.

How can you protect the wall from hitting and scratching with a recliner?

There are several ways that you can adapt your recliner to avoid hitting walls. Some people tilt their chairs back from the wall, while others install a catch to make sure that they don’t hit anything. In this article, we will discuss some of these solutions in more detail.

Leave the Space Between the Recliner and Wall

This is a common mistake made by homeowners when designing their living spaces. Nearly all recliners need to have space behind them so that the chair’s back can be fully reclined to its fullest extent.

The headrest in a recliner is typically set back from the front edge of the chair. This means that if you have a recliner with an open back, it will need at least 1 foot of space in front of the wall to open completely. Some people may want to give it even more room so that their head is fully reclined on the headrest.

Cover-up Chairs with Slipcovers

Covering your chairs with slipcovers is a great way to keep your chair from scratching the walls in your dining room. They are also easier to clean and will save you time and energy. These slipcovers also come in a variety of colors and designs to match any home.

With the use of slipcovers, your wall is protected from scratches and scuffs. Slipcovers also protect your home from dirt and dust. If you’re worried about the chairs scratching the walls, then put up a curtain or use a chair back protector.

Using a Wall Hugger Recliner

A wall hugger recliner is a recliner that can be placed closer to a wall than other recliners. This type of recliner, also known as the “Wallaway” recliner, is called this because it does not invade the space against the wall behind.

When you want to take a break and lay down, you don’t necessarily want to be right up against the wall. That’s where Wall Hugger Recliners come in. They’re designed to be pushed up against the wall. When you recline back, the chair moves forward with you. You have plenty of room to stretch out.

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