How to Fix Gaming Chair Leaning Forward

how to fix gaming chair leaning forward

A lot of gamers suffer from sore backs because their gaming chair constantly leans forward. The leaning frustration can lead to serious back problems, which are hard to recover from.

With the right adjustments, your chair can be set up in a way that prevents leaning forward. Follow these instructions and fix your tilted gaming chair without any hassle.

Fix a Loose Forward Tilt Knob

One of the most common complaints about gaming chairs is that they do not adjust to the user’s preference.

If their forward tilt knob was loose and they couldn’t tighten it enough, users will lean forward or back in their chair. This tilting can have an effect on their neck and spine.

The tilt stop knob on a chair can sometimes loosen after time. This can cause the chair to rock forward and back as the knob no longer holds the seat in place. Tightening this knob should stop the forward and backward rocking of your chair.

All you have to do is pull the lever under the seat and turn it counter-clockwise until you feel a strong resistance. Push the lever all the way down and see if this solves this problem.

Some people find that they need to tighten their tilt tension as they play games for long periods of time or those that require heavy leaning forward.

Fix a Loose Chair Casters

Casters are the small wheels that attach to the bottom of a gaming chair. In some cases, they can be getting loose due to a missing screw, or bent in shape.

You should also check the casters if your gaming chair starts leaning forward. Make sure that they are screwed firmly in place and that they are not bent.

It may sound simple, but sometimes the casters are not screwed in place, or they are bent. This could cause the chair to wobble when you use it. When this happens, you should turn the casters around so that they are screwed in tightly.

Fix a Loose Swivel Plate Underneath

The swivel metal plate on the bottom of the chair is often overlooked. It is a metal plate beneath the chair that allows it to swivel.

If the chair has a problem with leaning, it is likely because this plate has become loose due to a missing bolt and needs to be tightened with a new bolt or replaced, using an adjustable wrench tool.

Final Touch

Gaming chairs are designed to provide the utmost comfort and support while playing your favorite games. The chairs also come with a lot of features that make you feel like you’re in a different world, but what’s bad is that not all gaming chairs are made equal.

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