How to Connect Xbox One with Bluetooth Gaming Chair

how to connect xbox one with gaming chair

Hardcore gamers do not compromise on their gaming setup. The young generation is high maintenance and wants to have every gadget that is new in the market. Different game consoles, graphic cards, LED keyboards, gaming PCs are among their wish list. They want everything to be perfect, from PCs to graphic cards and keyboards. There is a strong connection between gaming and technology. How to connect Xbox One with your gaming chair? That is a kind of Bluetooth technology to take your Xbox One gaming experience to another level. In this article, we will bring you to explore the reliable ways to realize the seamless connection between Bluetooth gaming chair and Xbox One.

how to connect xrocker gaming chair to Xbox One PS4

Xbox One

In the past decade, Xbox wasn’t a thing, but now everybody is familiar with it. Xbox is a game console that is developed by Microsoft. The top competitor of Xbox is undoubtedly Play Station developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Both these game consoles are equally popular among the youngsters and those who are into gaming. Since now, different game consoles have been launched by the company under the Xbox series. Xbox One, being the successor of Xbox 360, is the Xbox series’s third base console. From May 2003, it has been a popular choice for a lot of gamers as it allows thousands of games to be played.

Bluetooth Gaming Chair

Bluetooth gaming chairs are designed for gamers’ comfort as they have to sit for a more extended period and need a stereo system for sounds and vibrations (best gaming chair with speakers). They are wireless, which is why known as Bluetooth gaming chairs. These chairs get connected to TVs and gaming systems through their Bluetooth functionality. These chairs are different from office ones as they have customized headrest, lumbar, and lower back support. They also feature armrests and upper body support, including shoulders. These chairs are adjustable, which makes them more useful and comfortable for gamers.

As we get the basic idea of Xbox and a Bluetooth gaming chair, let’s dig into how to connect Xbox One with a Bluetooth gaming chair.

How to Connect Xbox One with Bluetooth Gaming Chair

We can connect the gaming chair and Xbox one by two methods: by using wire and without using wires (wirelessly). Let’s check both these ways.

How to connect Xbox One with Bluetooth gaming chair by using wires

  • Before connection, switch on the chair: 

After getting a Bluetooth gaming chair, carefully read the instructions, and it’s working. Take the power cable and connect it to the port just beside the control panel. Then the other side of the power cable should be plugged into the power supply.

Through the control panel, switch on the chair. Turn the volume of the chair to check if the chair is turned on. Lights from the chair will also give you an idea that the chair is on.

  • Connect Xbox One to gaming chair

Bluetooth gaming chair and Xbox One need an HDMI port. Without an HDMI port, a gaming chair cannot be connected to the Xbox One. If it is unavailable, look for alternative ways to connect both of them. For this purpose, HDMI to audio converter is needed along with two HDMI cables.

  • Take one end of an HDMI cable to connect it to the TV while the other end is connected to the audio converter’s input port.
  • Now get the second HDMI cable. Connect it’s one end with the Xbox One and join the other end to the audio converter’s output port.
  • There will be two wires of your gaming chair, red and white. Connect the red wire to the audio converter’s red port and connect the white wire to the audio converter’s white port.
  • That is how a connection will be established between your gaming chair and Xbox One.

How to connect Bluetooth gaming chair with Xbox One wirelessly

For this method, the linking source will be TV instead of HDMI to audio converter.

  1. Xbox’s HDMI cable is connected to the TV first. Console and Xbox should be running and as you make a connection, turn on the TV.
  2. 3.5 mm cables come with wireless gaming chairs. The transmitter is connected to the TV through these cables. Their one end is of green color while the other one is white. Join the green one to the transmitter and the other one to the TV’s audio port.
  3. TV has four different audio ports: standard audio port, analog audio output, headphone connector, and optical audio output.
  4. The connection can be made through all of the mentioned ports except the optical audio output port.
  5. Now connect the transmitter to the gaming chair. The battery should be installed on the transmitter.
  6. Plug-in the gaming chair.
  7. Turn on the gaming chair as well as the transmitter. Once these both things are turned on, indirect connections will be made between the gaming chair and the Xbox One.
  8. Adjust the frequency of the transmitter and TV for better connections.
  9. As there are only three frequencies between 1 and 3, so it is not difficult to maintain.

Xbox One does not have Bluetooth in it, so there is another non-conventional way of linking the gaming chair with the Xbox One, and that is by using external Bluetooth devices.

How to connect Xbox One with Bluetooth gaming chair through the external Bluetooth device

Check the headphone socket before getting a Bluetooth device as the connection of Bluetooth to TC will be made by the headphone socket. Once you have the correct device, easy connections will be made between the chair and Xbox One.


Bluetooth gaming chairs come with different features. Some of them do not have inbuilt Bluetooth functionality. Connecting Xbox One with a Bluetooth gaming chair depends upon what type of chair you own. There are different methods to try and connect the two. Choose wisely and have the best gaming experience.

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