How to Connect Bluetooth Gaming Chair to PS4

how to connect gaming chair to ps4

Don’t miss out on getting gaming chairs only because you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone how to connect it to your PS4 in the first place. We are here to help you, so you are all set to play the next version of Fifa or Tekken. We understand setting up this equipment has become a real game these days, as nobody wants to get their gadgets malfunctioned before even using it. Now let’s understand and accept the fact that not every gaming chair would be compatible with the latest PS4.

There are two types of chairs being produced in the market. First, these conventional wired gaming chairs are mostly compatible and easy to connect with PS4. Second, there are wireless gaming chairs. Most of the wireless chairs are supported by a Bluetooth connection. Remember, this chair will also need to be plugged into the power to work.

how to connect xrocker gaming chair to ps4

How to Connect Gaming Chair with PS4 via TV?

Now, connecting Bluetooth chairs is a big deal. Since some of the Bluetooth chairs, even after being compatible with PS4, throw connection failure to the gaming console out of nowhere. Some people claim that you need to buy extra HDMI converters or USB converters to set up the gaming chairs. The truth is you don’t need any extra things.

The best way you can use your wireless gaming chair is by connecting it to a TV or a monitor and then connecting that TV to further your PS4 (TV will act as a transmitter). This process is simple, fast, and very reliable. Every wireless gaming chair comes with a wireless transmitter. This transmitter is all you need to make your life easier.

You can follow the steps below to see whether you’re configuring everything right or not. As, this method is the most followed, and the one with the better results.

Connect the TV to the Wireless Transmitter of the Gaming Chair

Keep an eye on every wire that comes out of your wireless gaming chair package. You will notice a small wore with green ends, that’s the one that will help us out here. Connect one male end of the wire to the input port in the transmitter and the remaining female end to the TV screen’s audio output.

Switch on the Transmitter and the Chair

Now plugin the chair to the AC voltage that is typically used in the homes. Make sure to put enough working batteries in the transmitter, and else it won’t get started. Now turn on the transmitter as well and set the band frequency of both the chair and the transmitter altogether, so they match. Since there are just three bands available, setting the frequency never causes trouble for anyone. After all this setup, congratulations, your transmitter is all set and already obtaining and transmitting audio signals.

Connect PS4 Gaming Console to the TV

Now, it’s all easy. Turn on your PlayStation and just use your HDMI cable that comes with the PS4 packaging to connect it to the TV. Move your TV channel to the input station where your PS4 is connected to and enjoy all the way.

Well, if you think that’s it. Then let me tell you there’s more to this article. We have a second solution to suggest to you in case the first one doesn’t work somehow.

How to Connect PS4 to Gaming Chair Using an Aux?

Although the solution mentioned above is not so hard, who knows what happens while setting up such devices? You should always know alternatives. Everybody is familiar with Aux and how it works. Connect your PS4 to your TV, as you already know. Now connect one end of the aux wire to the PS4 controller and the other end to the control panel in your wireless gaming chair. This will not work unless you have provided a power supply to your gaming chair.

How to Connect Using RAC Audio Cables?

In the same packaging that comes with the gaming chair, you will also notice a small RAC cable and two-barrel adapters. You can use these as well to connect your gaming chair to the PS4. Connect the two RAC cables through the adapters. Make sure to connect the same colored ends. Now, connect the green end of the cable to the output port designed for your TV’s audio. Connect the other end of the wire to your gaming chair control panel.

Things to Remember

  • Keep it in your mind that setting up these devices might seem complicated, and in rare scenarios, they are. But most of the time, they are relatively easy to set up if you’re following a single procedure, and that too right.
  • Try to read on the internet about the compatibility and features of the products before buying them. You can also talk directly to the retailers about the same specifications and once you’re sure that this device will be compatible with the other, then make a purchase. Don’t go overboard in setting up.
  • If things have started getting too complicated, then there are 90 percent chances that you’re not following any guide or have done something wrong.
  • Do not keep following whatever just pops up in your mind just because it seemed it would work.
  • The manuals/ guides that come along the packaging are the ultimate way of configuring, so try to follow them first.
  • You do not need extra equipment in most cases. Try to manage the setup process with whatever comes with the box because, if something else were necessary, the company would itself have packed it.


Handling and setting up the gaming devices are super easy once you get to know the proper procedure. It’s fun and looks cool when you are the only person in a room full of people who know how to configure the devices. Be confident, set it up, and enjoy the perfect gaming experience with your Bluetooth gaming chair.

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