How Do I Clean Microsuede Couch?

Looking to keep your beloved microsuede couch looking fresh and pristine?

Regular maintenance is key to ensure longevity and cleanliness.

From weekly vacuuming to tackling tough stains, we have the tips and tricks to help you maintain your microsuede couch in top condition.

Read on to find out more.

how do i clean microsuede couch

To clean a microsuede couch, start by vacuuming it weekly to remove debris and dust.

Use powdered laundry detergent for odors, wipe spills promptly, and consider vinegar for oil-based stains.

Stubborn stains can be tackled with rubbing alcohol or vodka, while water-based or solvent-based cleaners are recommended for routine cleaning.

Follow the cleaning instructions on the couch’s label, apply gentle solutions, and ensure the couch is thoroughly dried after cleaning to prevent damage.

If home remedies don’t work, consider hiring a professional upholstery cleaner.

Key Points:

  • Vacuum microsuede couch weekly to remove debris and dust
  • Use powdered laundry detergent for odors, wipe spills promptly, and vinegar for oil-based stains
  • Stubborn stains can be treated with rubbing alcohol or vodka
  • Water-based or solvent-based cleaners are recommended for routine cleaning
  • Follow the cleaning instructions on the label and ensure thorough drying
  • Consider professional upholstery cleaner if home remedies fail

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💡 Did You Know?

1. Microsuede fabric is composed of tiny fibers that mimic the look and feel of genuine suede, providing a luxurious feel at a more affordable price point.
2. To clean a microsuede couch, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and water to gently spot clean stains and spills without damaging the fabric.
3. Microsuede is also known as microfiber suede or faux suede, and it is often used in upholstery due to its durability and stain resistance.
4. Regularly using a soft-bristled brush to remove loose debris and dust from a microsuede couch can help maintain its appearance and prolong its lifespan.
5. Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasive tools on a microsuede couch, as they can cause damage and discoloration to the fabric.

Regular Vacuuming

  • Regular vacuuming is crucial for maintaining a clean microsuede couch. This simple task can help remove debris, dust, and pet hair that accumulate on the fabric.
  • Use a soft brush attachment to prevent damaging the delicate microsuede material.
  • Make sure to vacuum the entire couch, including the crevices and under the cushions, at least once a week to keep it looking fresh and free from dirt build-up.
  • Vacuuming not only helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the couch but also prevents allergens and bacteria from thriving in the fabric.
  • By incorporating this easy cleaning routine into your weekly chores, you can prolong the lifespan of your microsuede couch and ensure a hygienic living environment for you and your family.

Odor Removal With Laundry Detergent

If your microsuede couch develops unpleasant odors, powdered laundry detergent can be a handy solution for freshening it up. Simply sprinkle a small amount of powdered detergent over the affected areas and let it sit for a few hours to absorb the odors. Afterwards, vacuum the couch thoroughly to remove the detergent residue.

Using powdered laundry detergent is a cost-effective and efficient way to tackle odors on your microsuede couch without resorting to harsh chemicals. Moreover, it is a gentle method that is unlikely to damage the fabric, making it a safe option for regular odor maintenance.

Benefits of using powdered laundry detergent for freshening microsuede couches:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient
  • Gentle on fabric

Quick Spill Cleanup

Spills on a Couch
Spills are inevitable on a couch, but quick action can prevent them from causing permanent stains on your microsuede fabric. When a spill occurs, grab a clean cloth or paper towel and blot the area immediately to absorb the liquid. Avoid rubbing the spill, as this can push the liquid further into the fabric and make the stains harder to remove.

For liquid spills, it’s essential to act fast and remove as much of the spill as possible before it sets into the fabric. By promptly addressing spills on your microsuede couch, you can minimize the risk of staining and keep your furniture looking its best for years to come.

  • Act quickly
  • Use a clean cloth or paper towel
  • Avoid rubbing, blot instead
  • Prevent stains by immediate action


Can you clean a micro suede couch?

Yes, you can effectively clean a microsuede couch by using solvents and dedicated cleaning products. While water and soap may work for surface-level stains, deeper and more persistent stains will require the powerful cleaning ability of solvents. By using these products specifically designed for microsuede, you can effectively clean the couch and penetrate into the fibers to remove tough stains. Remember to always check the label on your couch to ensure it is safe to use solvents on.

Can microsuede fabric be washed?

Yes, microsuede fabric can be washed. It is recommended to wash your microsuede items individually to ensure thorough cleaning. If there is stubborn dirt, a soft-bristled brush can be used to gently scrub the fabric. Additionally, microsuede items can be safely washed in the washing machine on the delicate or hand-wash cycle to keep them looking fresh and clean.

How do you make microsuede soft again?

To make microsuede soft again, try gently fluffing the fabric by rubbing the stiff fibers with a soft scrub brush or the scrubby side of a clean kitchen sponge. This simple technique will help to restore the softness and smooth texture of the microsuede, leaving it feeling like new. By fluffing the fabric with a gentle touch, you can easily renew the softness of your microsuede items and enjoy their cozy comfort once again.

Can you use Dawn to clean a microfiber couch?

While Dawn dish soap can be used to clean various surfaces effectively, it may not be the best choice for cleaning a microfiber couch. The soap’s powerful degreasing properties may be too harsh for the delicate fabric of a microfiber couch, potentially leading to damage or discoloration. It is recommended to use a cleaning solution specifically designed for microfiber fabrics to ensure a gentle and effective cleaning process without risking any damage to the couch.

Instead of using Dawn, opt for a specialized microfiber cleaner that is designed to effectively clean and maintain the fabric’s texture and appearance. These cleaners are formulated to remove stains and dirt from microfiber surfaces without causing any harm. Following the manufacturer’s instructions on the cleaning product will help you maintain your microfiber couch’s quality and cleanliness for a longer period.

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