Helix Gaming Chair Review

Helix Gaming Chair review

Modern eSports arenas are gaining popularity for both casual and professional gamers alike. With high-end design, friendly staff, advanced equipment and the top of line Xpression Gaming Chair, Helix eSports provides a professional gaming experience for any player. You’ll have a chance to get your hands on the latest Xpression gaming chair every month during its community events.

The Helix gaming chairs have been used by pro players for a long time, but are now being endorsed by the Overwatch League and some of their teams. Teams like Boston Uprising will only use Helix Xpression Gaming chairs in 2020, starting at the beginning of the league’s next season.

The company’s mission is to create exceptional eSports experiences for everyone by providing state-of-the-art gaming centers that are designed to bring people together by creating social hubs.

We believe our services and products will give customers the best possible experience by offering them everything from our high-quality, uniform equipment to our most important differentiator, Helix Xpression Gaming Chair by Zipchair.

helix xpression gaming chair review

The Key Features – Xpression Gaming Chair by Zipchair

Get the perfect fit with our contouring, fully-reclining, and adjustable gaming chair. You will never lose its shape with the help of high density foam. The Helix Gaming Chair’s patented design provides ultimate gaming comfort and a customized experience. This chair is perfect for all gamers-intermediate or professional-looking for an escape into your favorite games.

The Xpression Gaming Chair is the ultimate, high-end gaming chair. Our gaming chair provides you with an ultra comfortable and supportive seat that fits your body like a glove. The hand-crafted design is made with a high-quality material that will last you for years to come.

The Helix Gaming Chair is a perfect blend of style and comfort for all types of players. The armrests provide the perfect spot for placing your controller, as well as a comfortable place to rest your head during those longer sessions. The padded back provides the ultimate in support while the ergonomic design keeps your entire body happy and pain-free during those long sessions.

The Xpression Gaming Chair combines the best features of a classic and iconic gaming chair with brand-new design elements. Its modern, comfortable design will allow you to play your favorite games for hours with less fatigue. With a fabric upholstery and contoured seat and back, you can enjoy comfort all day.

If you’re looking for a stylish, comfortable, and customizable gaming chair that won’t break the bank, Helix Gaming is your answer. Sophisticated ergonomics and an industry leading build quality make the Xpression a top-of-the-line gaming chair.

About Helix eSports Centers

State-of-the-art eSports centers in the United States offer world class gaming and virtual reality. The concept of a traditional internet cafe has been reinvented by Helix eSports as a professional e-sports experience.

Helix Gaming Lounge has been a staple in the local eSports community for years. Unlike other esports lounges, they don’t discriminate against players of any age or skill level. They offer high-end gaming equipment and full internet access as well as friendly staff to make them an inclusive place for everyone to enjoy gaming.

Whether you want to play, practice or compete at the highest level, Helix eSports has a place for you. With its knowledgeable staff, platforms and games offering different experiences, it has one of the best gaming atmospheres in United States. There’s food and beverage also so that all attendees can enjoy their time on all levels.

The largest center in the United States is located in North Bergen, NJ, and the second largest center is located in Gillette Stadium with the Boston Uprising. There are two places to follow Helix eSports globally: Helixesportsusa or at Patriot Place.

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