Dxracer vs Secretlab Who Wins the Best Gaming Chair Title?

dxracer vs secretlab omega

Gamers know the value of proper set up needed before playing the game. The setup and accessories you acquire pre-game are critical. The chair is one of the significant accessories that affect your gaming. A good chair is essential to have a good game. As a gamer, you might have used or using a gaming chair. You know what it feels like when sitting in a gaming chair. The companies Dxracer and Secretlab knew what you wanted to feel while sitting in the gaming chair, and that’s why they ended up as the two best racing chairs. In this article, we decide the best gaming chair between Dxracer and Secretlab.

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DXRacer vs Secretlab โ€“ Comparison of Features & Design

DXRacer and Secretlab are two big brands in gaming chairs industry. They both produced many popular models so it is hard to compare them in general. In order to make the better desicion between these two, we pick out two specific models, DXRacer Formula Series FD01 and SecretLab Omega 2020 Prime, to compare them in the following aspects. After these comparsion, you will clearly conclude which model is the final winner.

The Chair Body

Dxracer formula series FD01, theย chair’s body is made of high-density foam. The body will weigh less compared to other bodies made of metal. The foam elasticity allows it to adjust to your body, thereby giving full-body support after some usage. It will make you feel more comfortable than most other chairs. All the materials and parts used in the chair’s manufacture are certified by IS9001 for extra safety and durability.

The Secretlab Omega 2020 prime chair’s body is made of cold-cure foam mix. It gives you pure comfort and generous support. The cold-cure foam is a patent-pending cutting edge manufacturing technology developed by Secretlab. This foam not only molds according to your body, but also stays firm to provide you extra support and feels so good. All the parts are made of light aluminum alloy to reduce the weight and increase the strength.


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Dxracer formula series FD01 are measured by 27.5 x 27.5 x 52 inches. It is pretty good for people up to the height of 5’8″. It has an adjustable gas lift class 4 hydraulics to adjust the seat height. It has 27.5″ inch nylon base. It weighs around 22 kg or 48.5 lbs. The size of the armrest pad is 11 x 3 inches. It has a seat height adjustment of 4 inches, which is one inch above the average seat height adjustment. It has a seat width of 16 inches, enabling free seating for heavy people. It can bear up to 200 pounds.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime chair are 32 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches. The frame is made of aluminum alloy ADC12. Despite the low overall dimensions, it is suitable for people up to heights 5’11”. It has an adjustable gas lift class hydraulics to adjust the seat height. It has a 27.5-inch aluminum base. It weighs around 66 lbs or 30 kg. The size of the armrest pad is 10.6″ x 3.9″ inches. It has a seat height adjustment of 3.7″ inches, which is lower than DXracer’s. It has a seat width of 14″, which can be uncomfortable for heavy people. It can bear up to 240 pounds.


Dxracer FD01 comes with 90-135 degrees of the seatback reclination, which is low compared to the market average. It has a one-dimensional armrest movement of 4 inches. The casters are 50 mm/ 2″ inches and are nylon made. They are coated with a soft polyurethane that is suitable for both hard and soft surfaces.

Secretlab Omega 2020, however, can be reclined byย 85-165 degrees, which is the highest in the industry. It has a four-dimensional armrest movement. It has a height adjustability of 3 inches, Sideways adjustability of 1″ inch, front and back adjustability of 1.4″ inches, and a tilt of 5 degrees. This makes it the most friendly and adjustable armrest available in the market today. The casters made of aluminum alloy are PU coated, making them durable and floor friendly. They are 50mm/2″ in diameter.


Dxracer FD01 features the regular fluffy pillows. They provide cushion and headrest. They are like any other pillows.

Secretlab Omega offersย memory foam pillows. This foam is a denser material that conforms to your body curvature the right amount needed according to your posture. The head pillow comes with a cooling gel to cool your mind. Its innovation everywhere with Secretlab.


Dxracer Formula FD01 gives a warranty for two years for parts, accessories, and frame life.

Secretlab Omega 2020 gives a warranty of up to five years with excellent support. It includes all the parts. It provides a three-year warranty initially, and if you post a picture of the chair, it gives two more years of warranty.


Dxracer formula series FD01 costs around 300 USD on Amazon.com.

Secretlab Omega 2020 prime is priced around 183 USD on Amazon.com.

Pros and Cons

Dxracer formula series FD01

  • The cushions are not simple pillows. They are sturdy with a size of six inches of foam and are very comfortable.
  • Head pillow, lumbar pillow, and mousepad are all included with the purchase.
  • It is a very valued purchase at a lower price.
  • It is effortless to assemble and use this chair.
  • The packaging and customer service are great.
  • The armrests may lean and drop after a few months of usage.
  • The zippers that cover the foam may rip, and the foam may pop out.
  • Pillows can be too hard and uncomfortable.

Secretlab Omega 2020 prime

  • The instruction manual is very clear and precise.
  • Head pillow, lumbar pillow, and mousepad are all included with the purchase.
  • You can lie almost horizontally on this chair.
  • A good fit for a hefty man.
  • Gives a very high value for the price.
  • No lumbar cushion.
  • The sides at the back of the chair restrict your closeness to the table.
  • A bad return policy.

Bottom Line

Both these chairs are very professional and user friendly. They read the minds of the gamers and know what they need. The innovation and the widespread utility range from the dimensions to the price, make Secretlab’s chair the winning gaming chair. So here it is! Secretlab takes the best gaming chair title. Hope you get one.

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