Burrow Sofa Review: Affordable, Stylish, and Comfortable Option

Looking for a stylish and practical sofa that can withstand the test of time and furry companions?

The Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional in crushed gravel fabric might just be the perfect choice for you.

Stay tuned for an in-depth review that will have you itching to upgrade your living room seating!

burrow sofa review

The Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional in crushed gravel fabric is a highly acclaimed choice for its durability, pet-proof features, and overall versatility.

The sofa’s easy assembly process, clear instructions, and stain-resistant fabric make it a convenient and practical option for households with pets.

Despite minor fuzziness on one arm over four months of use, the marbled gray color effectively conceals any damage.

The couch has shown no signs of wear or dips, remaining comfortable and in top condition.

Overall, the Burrow sofa in woven fabric stands out as a long-lasting, customizable, and pet-friendly furniture piece.

Key Points:

  • Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional in crushed gravel fabric: durable, pet-proof, versatile
  • Easy assembly process and clear instructions; stain-resistant fabric for pet households
  • Marbled gray color effectively conceals minor fuzziness on one arm after four months
  • Couch remains comfortable with no signs of wear or dips
  • Long-lasting, customizable, pet-friendly furniture piece
  • Highly acclaimed for durability, convenience, and practicality

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💡 Did You Know?

1. Did you know that the concept of a “sofa” originated in Ancient Egypt around 2000 BC? It was initially a raised platform covered in cushions.

2. The word “burrow” has its roots in the Old English word “byrgan,” meaning “to hide or protect.” This is fitting, as burrowing animals like rabbits seek safety in their intricate underground tunnels.

3. Sofas were traditionally seen as a symbol of wealth and status in Ancient Rome, where they were commonly used in banquets to recline while dining.

4. Burrowing animals like groundhogs and prairie dogs often have complex tunnel systems that can extend for several meters underground, complete with separate chambers for sleeping and storing food.

5. The world’s largest sofa was unveiled in 2018 in Romania, measuring a whopping 30.35 meters long. It was so big that it could comfortably seat over 100 people at once!

Arrival And Assembly

  • The Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional in crushed gravel fabric arrived in six boxes, each carefully packed to ensure the safety of its contents during transport.
  • Upon opening the boxes, the reviewer found that the different parts of the sofa were neatly organized and clearly labeled.
  • This made the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.
  • The reviewer was pleased to discover that assembling the sofa only required the use of hands, with no additional tools necessary.
  • The instructions provided were detailed and easy to follow, guiding the reviewer through each step of the assembly process with clarity.
  • The labeled boxes made it simple to identify the components needed for each stage of assembly, further streamlining the process.
  • Overall, the arrival and assembly of the Burrow sofa were smooth and efficient, thanks to the thoughtful packaging and detailed instructions provided.

  • The Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional in crushed gravel fabric has proven to be a cat-friendly design, standing up well to the antics of the reviewer’s feline companion.

  • After four months of use, the sofa has shown resilience against scratching and jumping, maintaining its shape and structural integrity.
  • While there has been minor fuzziness observed on one arm of the sofa, the marbled gray color of the fabric effectively camouflages any signs of wear and tear.
  • The reviewer was impressed by the sofa’s ability to withstand the activities of their cat without compromising its appearance or comfort.
  • The cat-friendly design of the Burrow sofa makes it a practical choice for pet owners seeking furniture that can withstand the demands of their furry friends while maintaining style and durability.

Durability And Maintenance

  • The durability of the Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional in crushed gravel fabric has been a standout feature for the reviewer.
  • Despite regular use over the past few months, the sofa has shown no signs of dips or changes in its structure.
  • The couch remains comfortable and supportive, providing a reliable seating option for daily relaxation and entertaining.
  • The reviewer noted that the sofa has retained its original condition, showcasing the high-quality construction and materials used in its design.
  • The durable nature of the Burrow sofa instills confidence in its long-term performance, promising years of dependable comfort and style.

Stain-Resistant Fabric

  • One of the key benefits of the Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional is its stain-resistant fabric. The crushed gravel fabric used in the construction of the sofa is highly resilient against spills and stains, making it easy to maintain and clean. The reviewer found that minor spills could be quickly wiped away with a wet cloth or stain remover, leaving no lasting marks or damage to the fabric. This stain-resistant property of the fabric ensures that the sofa retains its pristine appearance even in households with pets or children. The ease of maintenance provided by the stain-resistant fabric adds to the overall convenience and longevity of the Burrow sofa, making it a practical choice for busy households.

Long-Term Quality

The long-term quality of the Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional has surpassed the reviewer’s expectations, with the sofa maintaining its durability and comfort even after months of regular use. The reviewer was impressed by the sofa’s ability to withstand daily wear and tear while retaining its original condition. The fabric has proven to be resilient against spills and stains, requiring minimal maintenance to keep it looking fresh and clean. The sturdy construction of the sofa, combined with the high-quality materials used, bodes well for its longevity and performance over the years. The long-term quality of the Burrow sofa underscores its value as a reliable and enduring furniture piece for any home.

Fabric Options

  • The Burrow sofa offers a range of fabric options to suit different preferences and lifestyles.
  • The reviewer’s personal experience was with the woven fabric, which was described as durable and pet-proof.
  • This fabric option proved to be resilient against everyday use and cat-related activities, showcasing its strength and longevity.
  • The leather fabric option, while easy to clean, may not be as durable when exposed to pets’ claws or rough handling.
  • The reviewer did not test the velvet fabric option but highlighted the versatility of choices available to cater to individual style preferences.
  • The variety of fabric options offered by Burrow allows customers to customize their sofa to suit their specific needs and aesthetic preferences, ensuring a personalized and tailored furniture experience.

Pet-Proof Features

The Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional boasts pet-proof features that make it an ideal choice for households with furry companions. The durable construction of the sofa, coupled with stain-resistant fabric, ensures that it can withstand the activities of pets without showing signs of damage or wear. The reviewer found that the sofa held up well against their cat’s antics, standing strong against scratching and jumping. The pet-proof features of the Burrow sofa contribute to its long-term durability and resilience, providing pet owners with peace of mind knowing that their furniture can handle the demands of their four-legged friends. With its sturdy design and pet-friendly materials, the Burrow sofa offers a practical and stylish solution for pet owners seeking furniture that can withstand the rigors of pet ownership.

Overall Impression

The Burrow Slope Nomad Sofa Sectional in crushed gravel fabric is an affordable, stylish, and comfortable option for a durable and versatile sofa.

  • Arrival and assembly process were seamless, thanks to well-packaged components and clear instructions provided.
  • Its cat-friendly design is resilient and pet-proof, showcasing its ability to withstand pets’ activities without compromising appearance or comfort.
  • Durability and maintenance have exceeded expectations, with stain-resistant fabric offering easy cleaning and upkeep.
  • Long-term quality and fabric options provided by Burrow enhance the sofa’s appeal, offering customers a customizable and enduring furniture piece.

“Overall, the Burrow sofa impresses with its pet-proof features, comfortable design, and long-lasting quality, making it a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and stylish seating solution for their home.”


Is Burrow made in China?

While Burrow products are thoughtfully designed in the USA, their manufacturing process involves carefully vetted partners from various countries around the world, such as North Carolina, Vietnam, Poland, and India. This diverse sourcing strategy helps Burrow ensure high quality standards and ethical production practices throughout their supply chain. Therefore, while some components of Burrow products may be made in China through their global partnerships, the overall production process is a collaborative effort involving multiple countries.

What is the most long lasting sofas?

The most long-lasting sofas are those built with a dense hardwood frame, such as maple, walnut, or teak. These sturdy frames provide a strong foundation that can withstand years of use without warping or weakening. When paired with tightly woven textiles or genuine leather, the result is a sofa that not only lasts a long time but also maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

By choosing a sofa with a durable hardwood frame and high-quality fabric, like tightly woven textiles or genuine leather, you can ensure that your furniture investment will stand the test of time. These materials offer longevity and resilience, making them ideal choices for those seeking a sofa that can withstand regular use and still look great for years to come.

Where is Burrow furniture made?

Burrow furniture is proudly manufactured in the United States, with all production now taking place domestically. The company’s headquarters are located in the vibrant Flatiron neighborhood of New York City, where the 12-person team works diligently to ensure high-quality craftsmanship and design in every piece. Graduates of Wharton, the founders Kuhl and Chopra are now fully dedicated to leading the business from their base in New York City, overseeing the production and growth of their popular furniture line.

Are Burrow couches scratch resistant?

Yes, Burrow couches from our Nomad Collection are indeed scratch-resistant, thanks to the innovative synthetic fabric used in the design. This fabric is specifically crafted to withstand scratching from pets, ensuring that your couch remains in top condition even with furry friends around. With the added benefit of easy cleaning with a simple solution of distilled water and bleach, you can enjoy your stylish Burrow couch worry-free, knowing it can handle whatever your pets may throw at it.

The Nomad Collection’s focus on durability and easy maintenance reflects our understanding of the importance of pets in our lives. By providing scratch-resistant couches that are also stain-resistant and easy to clean, we aim to enhance your living space while accommodating your beloved pets. With Burrow couches, you can enjoy a beautiful and pet-friendly home environment without compromising on style or practicality.

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