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best chair for eyelash extension

A chair for eyelash clients is a vital investment in your beauty salon or even at your home studio. It is a perfect setup to accommodate both lashing clients and artists. A good beauty salon always aims to offer top-class service and experience, so as to satisfy every customer. They will know that returning customers are always the key to a beauty salon’s success.

Therefore, just do not compromise your lashing chair for the extension. A perfect lash chair can offer full support and snug comfort during the overall sessions of eyelash extensions.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about a recliner chair, so to help you choose the best reclining chair for eyelash extensions service without the hassle.

The 10 Best-Selling Eyelash Reclining Chairs on Amazon for 2023

Best Recliner Chair for Eyelash Extensions Reviewed for 2023

We have done our due diligence to single out the 5 best-selling lash chairs on Amazon. These chairs are all-purpose recliners, so they will also serve perfectly for eyelash clients.

Artist Hand Hydraulic Recline Salon Chair

Artist Hand is brandable for its beauty salon furniture. This Artist Hand barber chair perfectly serves many purposes in a beauty salon.

It comes with a solid structure and intensive design and can offer comfortable support for clients with tattoos, haircuts, shaving, and even eyelash.

This fully reclinable chair features a 360° design swivel and up to 135° backrest reclining.

The customers won’t feel fatigued or uncomfortable, even sitting there for a long session, as the chair is padded with a high-density sponge to add superior comfort.

You can easily adjust its height via the hydraulic pump, so to accommodate your serving needs.

The chair’s hydraulic pump features heavy-duty support. Combined with a 22.9″ chrome base, it can easily withstand up to 330 pounds of weight.

All Purpose Reclining Salon Beauty Chair

This Ohana beauty salon chair is designed for all purposes. You won’t get any wrong with it in your beauty shop. It comes with a series of premium features.

If you need a salon chair with premium material, this chair is your go. The chair is made of upholstered high-quality leather, so it is waterproof and easily cleaned.

The Ohana chair is designed for the ultimate comfort purpose, as it comes with high-density sponge padding, a padded reversible footrest, and a leg rest. So, clients can always feel comfortable and relaxed even sitting there for a few hours.

This chair also features heavy-duty support, as it comes with a steel frame and a hydraulic pump with a large chrome base. It can effortlessly ensure fully safe support for up to 440 pounds.

Up to 135° reclining and 360° swivel allow you the freedom to serve the clients in any position.

The Ohana salon chair is suitable for any style of beauty salon, thanks to its sharp and ergonomic design. It naturally adapts to your beauty salon’s overall style.

You can always buy with confidence as Ohana is well known for its professional customer service. You can easily replace or return if anything wrong with your purchase from Ohana.

Artist Hand Black All-Purpose Hydraulic Recline Chair for Beauty

Another great lash chair from Artist Hand is a perfect sitting set for any purpose of a beauty salon, eyelash, haircutting, tattoo, etc.

With the 360° swiveling and up to 145° backrest reclining, you can easily lock your clients in any position.

The heavy-duty hydraulic pump can easily lift the chair up to 9.84″ in height, and with a solid chrome base, the chair can withstand up to 440 pounds weight capacity.

The high-density foam padding and footrest can offer the clients full comfort and relaxation.

Overall, it is a high-quality lash extension chair and can serve in your salon shop for a long time.

Paddie Heavy Duty, Hydraulic Reclining All Purpose Styling Chair

Just like most of the chairs in the salon shop, this Paddie beauty chair can also support 360° swiveling. Thanks to its locking mechanism in chrome base, you can easily position your client anywhere by locking the chair with a gas-piston release mechanism.

The backrest can be reclined up to 135° and the height can be adjusted up to 6-7″.

The Paddie chair is ergonomically designed to fit the natural curvatures. Its armrest can offer full support and comfort for the body.

This chair is of high quality, as it is made of upholstered leather, a heavy-duty steel frame, and high-density sponge padding. Not only does it offer the ultimate comfort and relaxation, but also easily ensures the safety support of up to 440 pounds capacity.

Heavy Duty All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Salon Chair

When you search for a chair for eyelash extensions, you might not be able to find any chair specially made for eyelashes. Most chairs in a beauty salon can serve all all-purpose. Therefore, those salon chairs are also perfect for any eyelash extension session.

When you research your eyelash chair, you should find most of the recliners come with common features. So, it is not surprising to see most chairs in beauty solon can serve all purposes unless your serving session requires very different functions.

The Superworth barber chair is also no exception. It features 360° swiveling, a locking down mechanism, height adjustment with the hydraulic pump, and heavy-duty withstand.

So, you can conclude that a beauty salon chair can perfectly adapt to your eyelash needs unless the eyelash session is very different from many other beauty sessions, e.g. shaving, tattoo, and haircutting.

Some people also recommend a lash bed, rather than a lash chair. We will discuss how you choose between a lash bed and a recliner in the following section.

Which Is Ideal For You – A Reclining Chair Or a Lash Bed?

Every lash artist needs either a reclining lash chair or a lash bed. But when in the market for either of the two, you must go for a model that is comfortable and easy to use for both you and your client. This is why you need to do your findings before making this important investment.

If you are wondering what you need to know to help you decide correctly, this section is for you. Start by understanding that a lash bed is almost close to what is used by therapists. It is more of a padded table with legs and less of a regular bed made for sleeping. You will hardly find an adjustable lash bed, but if you look closely enough, you may find a lash bed that ticks all the important boxes.

Unlike lash beds, recliners are designed to be adjustable. You can easily set your preferred angle of reclination as it suits your client. They are also movable to achieve a more upright or downward positioning. You will spend more on beauty chairs than lash beds, but the extra comfort is worth the price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reclining Chair for Lash Extensions

What makes a recliner chair suitable for eyelash clients?

  • The lash chairs are hydraulic.
  • They are built to hold heavy weights – up to 400 pounds.
  • They are adjustable to different positions, so it is suitable for both shaving and lash application.
  • Their adjustable heights make them ideal for all clients, irrespective of height.

Asides from the reasons listed above, the lash extension chairs are more comfortable than lash beds and facial tables. It can be the deciding factor for clients who have used one before.

So, if you are looking to give your clients an enjoyable and comfortable experience that turns them into repeat customers, go for a salon beauty chair.

A Lash Chair Does Not Always Work

Sometimes, the narrow width of a lash chair might make them uncomfortable for bigger clients. Always go for models with sufficient width.

Likewise, some chairs may not offer the right work angle for lash technicians. But you can fix this by introducing a raiser or a platform to make up for the extra height.

The extent of reclination is an important factor when choosing an eyelash chair model. The best recliners are those that can lean far enough back so that lash technicians can work easily from their chairs or stools.

How to Choose the Best Chair for Eyelash Clients?

When in the market for a good eyelash chair, your priority should be models that are designed to offer maximum comfort for both eyelash artists and clients. Here are some of the factors that contribute to the comfort a lash chair offers:

Adjustable Settings

The ideal chair should give room for growth. A chair for eyelash beauty with an adjustable back and a movable footrest is good. It is even better if it can switch between fully reclined and inclined positions. The flexibility allows you to deliver more service offerings to your clients.

A versatile chair means you can offer facials and be an excellent eyebrow microblade technician at the same time. Yes, buying a high-quality adjustable chair for lash extension is a huge investment. But it also opens the door for more opportunities to branch out and attract more clients. After all, developing businesses is all about investing in the right equipment and skills.

If an eyelash extension chair is above your budget, start with a lash bed.

Design and Color

You should go for an eyelash chair that compliments your studio aesthetics. A beautiful studio plays a vital role in how clients assess your business and service. Building your dream lash extension chair from scratch is somewhat a far reach, but you can shop for one that easily fits into your studio in terms of look and feel.

You will find them in different colors, designs, and shapes, from black and neutral tones to curved chaise-style models and more. When shopping for your next recliner chair, put on your design cap and go for only a model that easily complements your studio décor.

Protective Warranty

You cannot afford to spend so much money without getting some peace of mind. This is why we recommend that you go for models that offer a protective warranty for a considerable period.

With the lash industry’s projected growth, we will definitely see more suppliers coming up with excellent products and tools for lash professionals. By then, lash extension chairs would not be limited to larger industries like the spa sector.

Buying a lash extension chair with a protective warranty saves you from any issues within the warranty period. But having a warranty is not enough – you should treat your prized asset with care at all times.

The Right Finishing Touches

The right finishing touches can be the difference between a basic and a remarkable effect. The same applies to eyelash extension chairs – the right enhancements can be the game-changer.

The first thing to consider is the durability and build of the chair. You want a chair that gives clients maximum conviction that they are not tipping over. For best results, go for models that can be bolted to a platform to increase stability.

Other comforting additions you should consider are a plush blanket or a heating pad. If the factory-fitted headrest is not the most comfortable, you can add a lash pillow for extra comfort. The cloud-like feel these accessory lash pillows offer can make a world of difference.

Final Words

What I suggest is you should choose a chair or any other furniture according to your shop’s situation. Although many users prefer a reclining lash chair to serve their clients, the lash bed has also its own advantages. 

For another, you might be wondering what type of chairs a lash technician should sit on. You had better check these best chairs for lash artists. Those big recliner chairs are suitable for eyelash clients, but not for last artists.

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