Best Gaming Chairs for PS4 Players

best gaming chair for ps4

If choosing an Xbox One or PS4 is a big gaming decision, choosing the right accessories to get the most out of your game is just as important as choosing a console. Today, we’re not just talking about a headset and controller. To really immerse yourself in the action, you need a good gaming chair for either PS4 or Xbox One gaming. What is the best gaming chair for PlayStation 4 in your favorite session?

The 10 Best-Selling PlayStation 4 Gaming Chairs in 2023

Best Selling Gaming Chairs for PS4 of 2023

If you are ready to choose your first ps4 gaming chair or upgrade from the old one, we have collected a few candidates that will surely impress PS4 console gamers. These gaming chairs are ranked top in the category of bestselling on If you would like one specific model for a comfortable console play, the following gaming chairs should be definitely in your list.

X Rocker Pro H3

We have played PS4 games in many different gaming chairs. Out of those, X Rocker Pro H3 delivers the best gaming experience.  Most of the users regard X Rocker Pro H3 as one of the best console gaming chairs on the market.

X Rocker Pro H3 comes with 4 speakers (the Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers) and one subwoofer, which delivers superior 4.1 audio surroundings. It is also flawlessly compatible with the vibration motor. Gamers can easily immerse themselves in bass tones rocking. X Rocker Pro gaming chair also comes with a headphone jack that you can insert your headset during the gaming session.

Another beauty is the Pro H3 model is also foldable to save space as much as possible. When you don’t use it, just fold it up to store anywhere fittable.

For another, you have no argument on its design style and build quality. With this extremely comfortable chair, you can sit in to play long hours of gaming sessions without a sense of fatigue.

Some users might not be comfortable with its fabric out wrapper. As we know, fabric materials can’t guarantee a sturdy duration. If you play more than 5 hours of gaming each day, you might see the bottom print and tear off after around one year.

However, with so affordable price, users can’t argue more. We all know that leather gaming chairs would occur at a much higher price.

X Rocker Surge Wireless Black

Although X Rocker Surge does not come with armrests, it is still one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the X Rocker family. You can game in it for a consecutive 4 or 5 hours, but still have not strained or aches pain complain. It comes with extremely soft padding for enhanced sitting support.

X Rocker Surge comes with two speakers and subwoofers. Its wireless audio function can connect any Bluetooth device smoothly well. There are also input and output jacks for the audio devices. Gamers can adjust the sound volume and bass level via separate control.

Another point you might keep an eye on is its low price tag. As low as around the $150 budget, you can’t find any better gaming chair for PS4 console players to beat this price. We would certainly recommend this gaming chair for any PS4 or any other console gamers, due to its low price, so versatile design, and extremely comfortable.

Like many other X Rocker gaming chairs, the Surge model is also very heavy. So, you might put yourself in trouble, if you are trying to move it around during the gaming play. Otherwise, you have nothing to complain about this great gaming chair.

GT Racing Ergo Executive Chair

The GT Racing gaming chair is perfect for PS4 console gaming. Its back can be adjusted from 90 to 170 degrees for the optimal gaming position. With 360 degrees swivels, gamers can easily find the most comfortable posture to immerse themselves in the gaming session.

The GT Racing Ergo Executive chair comes with a metal frame for strong support. Most users rate this GT Racing chair as one of the most comfortable gaming chairs, as it features adjustable armrests, a thick foam seat, and lumbar support cushions. Users can easily customize their fitting style to adapt to individual sitting tastes.

One of the most impressive features is its stereo speakers. Its speakers are built into the headrest and can keep playing for up to 6 hours with a single charge. Additionally, its audio system flawlessly supports wireless connection. All Bluetooth enabled devices can be easily connected to enjoy the enhanced gaming experience. The Bluetooth connection has a range of around 5 meters. Users can set up their gaming gear with more space freedom.

What you might not like about this GT Racking chair is it has no padding on the armrests. You might not feel comfortable while resting your arms. For another, it has no subwoofer for loud speaking.

Homall Executive Racing Chair for PS4 Gaming

Homall Racing chair is an ideal gaming chair for PS4 gamers. Users can use this chair for multi-purpose, e.g watching TV and movies, chilling out, and playing computer games. Its low price tag is suitable for most range of budgets.

The chair itself measures 20.5 inches wide by 20.2 inches long with 66 inches height of support back. Should you adjust the height of the seat, it starts at 17.3 inches and goes all the way to 21.5 inches, giving you plenty of freedom in your adjustments.

The Executive Racing chair is one of the best gaming chairs for big heavy guys, as it comes with a steel frame. hat Homall’s Racing chair can hold up to 330 pounds makes it one of the more generously supportive chairs on this list.

Homall’s PS4 gaming chair has a steel frame with a thickness of 1.8 millimeters across. Atop that is shaping foam with a high density, then Homall finishes each chair with a PU leather cover in multiple colors. This leather exterior resists wear and won’t stick to your skin. Casters made of rubber and designed to match the rest of your chair are tested for 1,000 rolling miles for quiet use each time.

Other features include a gas spring cylinder for switching chair height, a tilt locking mechanism that lets you change your angle from 90 to 180 degrees, as well as neck, head, and shoulder support throughout the chair.

Some gamers have mentioned that you only get a few months’ uses out of the chair before you have to tighten up the bolts.

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal

You only have to sit on the X Rocker Pro Series to realize why it has become popular with gamers. X Rocker Pro is designed for multi-functions and is suitable for a wide range of ages gamers. Kid, teenagers, and even adult can easily find their comfy in this X Rocker Pro Pedestal, while not only playing PS4, but also watching movies and TV.

X Rocker Pro Pedestal offers a soothing vibration that makes gamers even more immersed during gaming sessions. The two speakers are strong enough to output the bass-heavy surrounding and easily blow away any unwanted noise in gaming.

It also integrates the wireless connection that supplies the convenience to connect more devices with your gaming chairs. If you lack knowledge on setting up the proper connection, you can refer to our guide – how to connect Bluetooth gaming chairs to PS4.  You will find that it won’t take much longer to sync the wireless speakers to the TV and console.

The PS4 gaming chair also comes with extra ports for headphones and mp3 hookups. What’s more, it can connect to other chairs. However, if you demand more crystal clear audio output, there are surely better competitors on the market.

Above all, the X Rocker Pro Pedestal chair is pretty flexible and supportive, as you can tilt or swivel, and you can enjoy an ergonomic design. You won’t get any wrong with this chair for any console gaming play.

X-Rocker Infiniti Gaming Chair

The X-Rocker Infiniti is equipped with 2 speakers in the headrest and a subwoofer in the backrest. It can be connected to all devices via cable or Bluetooth. The gaming chair is compatible with all PlayStation games and is officially licensed. You dive even deeper into the game and forget everything around you.

It is an officially licensed gaming chair for the PS4 with a 2.1 sound system:

  • 2 loudspeakers: in the headrest;
  • 1 subwoofer: in the backrest;
  • Vibration: for maximum fun;
  • Connection: Bluetooth or cable;
  • Upholstered: for high seating comfort;
  • Universal: games, films, and music

2.1 audio system with speakers and subwoofer

At the head top, there are 2 loudspeakers to the left and right of the ears. There is also a subwoofer for the bass in the backrest. Inside the backrest, a motor creates vibrations so that you can immerse yourself in the gaming experience.

Gaming armchair PS4Connect to the console via Bluetooth or cable

You connect the gaming chair to the PlayStation via Bluetooth, USB cable, or 3.5 mm cable. Alternatively also with other devices, e.g. with the Xbox, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. As you can see, there are numerous options.

Easily accessible ports and controls on the side

All cable connections as well as the controls for volume and bass are easily accessible on the lower right side of the gaming chair. A power supply unit for the power supply is included.

Soft synthetic leather in different colors

The cover is made of soft and durable synthetic leather. You can choose from the colors black, white, red and blue. The comfortable upholstery under the cover ensures a high level of comfort during long gaming sessions.

Many other uses

You can also use the gaming chair to watch movies or listen to music. You don’t have to buy an additional music system, which saves you a lot of money. It is also suitable for reading a book or for a short nap.

Gioteck RC3 Gaming chair

This Gioteck gaming chair is very affordable and is also suitable for various console playing, such as the PS4. It is very comfortable and has storage options and LED lighting. You can put it in different positions to find the perfect game position for you.

Buyers are satisfied with this inexpensive gaming chair. It is easy to connect to the game console and the sound from the built-in boxes is fine.

The chair is easily foldable to save your room space. You can store it under your bed and folds it out to continue playing the day after.

The Gioteck RC3 chair is also suitable for use on both PCs and game consoles. LED lighting creates a nice atmosphere during the gaming session.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chairs for PS4?

If you play console games, e.g. PS4, Xbox One, etc, there are certainly many aspects you should consider for buying a good gaming chair. Learning and researching each point of these can help you avoid any trap and after-sales hassle. You can enjoy more PS4 Xbox One gaming sessions with your comfortable chair.

Console compatible with audio

It is reasonable that the sound is obviously important, but you also need to make sure that the gaming chair you buy can be used for your console of PS4 or Xbox One. Now that the latest consoles have been released, some manufacturers will stop supporting the older consoles. Some new consoles may not support some new seats. Make sure to buy a PS4 gaming chair that is supported by your PS4.

Speaker and Subwoofer Upgrade

Integrated speakers are not all the same. If you want to have a realistic experience, choose a gaming chair with 4 speakers and a subwoofer. Also, make sure your seat has an entrance for your headphones, as you don’t want to wake up the house and neighbors during night missions.

Be Comfortable

Decide whether you want a gaming chair that sits on a pedestal, such as an office chair, or whether you prefer to be more relaxed and closer to the floor. The latter option is often a bit easier to move and store, which is a good option if you don’t have a lot of space in the living room.

Gaming Chair with Good Vibration

To feel like you’re in the game,  besides comfort and sound, the vibration should be the next essential item on your checklist. Look for a gaming chair that allows you to adjust the amount of vibration so you can tailor your experience to the type of game you’re playing. You may not want the chair to vibrate when you are playing Ice Age 2.

Wireless connection preferred

Wireless is preferred as it gives you a bit more freedom to place your chair where you want in your bedroom, living room, or game room. Some gaming chairs have WiFi, while others work with Bluetooth.

Are you a Racing Gamer?

If you are a fan of Forza, consider a gaming chair with built-in mounting points for a handlebar and pedals. They look a bit like the old arcade racing machines and make you feel like you are Lewis Hamilton.

The Best Gaming Chair Brands

There are a number of brands that are the leaders in innovative new products. Some of the well-known and quality brands are DXRacer, Arozzi, AKRacing, Playseat, trust, NobleChaier, X Rocker gaming chairs, bean bags, Pyramat gaming chairs, Cohesion XP, BoomChair Stealth, and X Stunt wireless gaming chairs.

As a long-hours gamer,  if you do not want to have rheumatism, you are suggested to invest in a decent gaming chair.

Key Features of a Good Gaming Chair for PS4

You need the right gaming chair so that you can sit comfortably on the PlayStation at all times. This is specially designed for playing on the console:

  • Sitting posture: In contrast to the posture on a normal gaming chair, you tend to take a lying position here. You can play for hours without back problems and stay healthy thanks to the ergonomic sitting posture.
  • Seat height: You would sit too high on a normal gaming chair. In addition, the sitting posture would be rather unsuitable for the back. On a gaming chair, you sit lower, matching the height of the TV. Accordingly, you don’t have to sit uncomfortably on the floor or on the sofa.
  • Backrest: This is usually extra high so that not only the back but also the head can be put down. This will avoid tension in the neck and shoulders caused by the cramping of the muscles.
  • Upholstery: The support surfaces are comfortably upholstered to offer the greatest possible sitting and lying comfort. This includes, above all, the backrest, the seat, the armrests, and the headrest.
  • Cover: The most common are covers made of artificial leather. The material looks classy and is available in different colors. The material is hard-wearing and easy to care for. Sweat can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth as it cannot penetrate the cover. Crumbs are simply vacuumed off with a vacuum cleaner. It is also an animal-friendly variant compared to real leather.
  • Design: There is something for every taste. There are gaming chairs in many colors. Models in racing seat designs with a sporty, elegant look are popular.
  • Without rolling: When playing on the PS4, it is important to stay focused as much as possible. It is important that the gaming chair does not slip away. It, therefore, dispenses with rollers in order to ensure the necessary stability. At the same time, the floor is protected from scratches. Also interesting: gaming chair without castors.

Final Thoughts

If you would like to avoid back pain and reduce strains, a solid gaming chair is really your must investment. Sitting in a good gaming chair can surely help reduce exhaustion and back tension. In this guide, we already reviewed a few top-rated ps4 gaming chairs, along with the key points that educate users on how to choose the best one. If other better PS4 gaming chairs are coming up on the market in the future, we will extend the list by adding a detailed review. Please stay with us.

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