The Best Keyboard and Mouse Tray Solution for Gaming Chairs

best keyboard trays solution for gaming chair

Are you a serious gamer and looking for a comfortable style of chair? Are your days and nights spent in front of a screen? Then it would be best if you had extra support for the gaming chair that you use. You need special features that could help you relax and work at the same time. You will find that a computer gaming chair with a keyboard tray is the answer to your search.

The 5 Best-Selling Keyboard Mouse Tray Holder for Gaming Chairs in 2023

As a serious gamer, you must be aware that a gaming chair with a keyboard holder is the need of the day and not a luxury, and that will help you focus on the game and work. It prevents injury and strain on the back when you spend hours working on a laptop or PC. The popular game chairs with keyboard trays give the body and arm proper support to focus on the game or work. They come with a sturdy stand and armrests.

We searched online to check for it. What gaming chairs are suitable for this stand support? The chairs that can withstand the weight of keyboard trays need to be selected carefully. Choose a good chair based on the following points-

  1. The material should be durable.
  2. The design should be aesthetic and ergonomic.
  3. Customizable and adjustable so that the tray can be fitted easily.
  4. The chair base should be comfortable to move/the height can be adjusted.
  5. Must provide adequate support and comfort.
  6. The price should be within your budget.

The Best Keyboard Tray Solution for Gaming Chairs Reviews

Then comes the turn to choose the mount or stand. Let us see some of the trays or stands available in the market that suit the gaming chairs with keyboard trays that streamers use. This will provide insights into the technology used in the combination of pc gaming chairs with keyboard trays.

1. Sunter98 OK010 Ergonomic Laptop/Keyboard/Mouse Stand-Mount

Sunter98 is a sturdy stand that is popular due to its durability and design. The most important features are its dimensions which are 19.69 x 11.81 x 3.94 inches. It is made of stainless steel, and the diameter is 25 mm. The mouse pad size is 48*23 cm and comes in the color black or silver. It is a popular gaming chair keyboard tray with a swivel of 45 degrees on each side and rotates up to 360 degrees. You can get the best pc gaming chair with a keyboard tray when you combine this with a streamers chair and install it carefully. The tray can hold up to 20 kg.

  • Can mount it with a compatible chair column or a round bar
  • Ergonomically very sound for a laptop or keyboard and gaming and work alike.
  • It is easy to install with the accompanying hardware tools.
  • The price is very reasonable compared to others in the same category.
  • The Allen key can be used to tighten the swivel
  • Adjustable tray to help the wrist rest comfortably
  • You must install it carefully to ensure that the parts fit tightly. Loose parts may leave the equipment damaged.

2. Ergonomic Keyboard Laptop Mouse Stand Mount

Another fantastic combination of gaming chairs with a built-in keyboard tray includes this ergonomic stand mount from Magichold. The brand is well-established in gaming chair accessories, and the products are excellent and reliable. The dimensions of this stand are 20 x 5 x 10 inches. It can convert any gaming or streamer chair into an efficient workstation. The gaming chair with a footrest and keyboard tray helps avoid the hunchback syndrome that many serious gamers see. Swivels to 360 degrees and tilts up to 90 degrees.

  • You can mount the stand easily on a column that is 1.96 inches thick.
  • It can be easily detached from the chair also.
  • The tray has an excellent grip to hold the laptop or keyboard safely.
  • The tray can be folded away while not in use.
  • The mouse tray has a wrist rest that can be attached to the armrest.
  • Can even hold an iPad or a tablet.
  • The installation has to be done carefully. Some people like pre-installed systems and may want a readymade gaming chair with a keyboard and mouse tray.
  • Loose parts may lead to damage to the equipment.

3. Ergonomic Keyboard Laptop Tablet Mouse Stand Holder Mount for Video Gaming Chair

As the name suggests, it is a stand that can create a workstation with the perfect combo of a gaming chair with a keyboard tray. Ergonomically very sound, it provides good support to serious streamers and players. A gaming chair with a keyboard mount can prevent any strain and pressure on the back and muscles. It can securely be installed on a gaming chair. The cylinder or column thickness should be 1.96 inches. You can see the other gamer chair with a keyboard tray and know that it stands tall against others. The dimensions are 20 x 11 x 5 inches. The most readily available color is silver. It can hold any laptop or iPad/ tablet easily.

Apart from keyboard and mouse tray support, video gaming chairs should also come with a speaker for the immersed sound. Drop a visit to view our picks of the best gaming chairs with speakers.

  • Easy to mount and detach.
  • The hardware kit of tools and installation instructions are easy to use.
  • Ergonomically sound and suitable for overall support.
  • The mouse pad can be easily attached and separated as per the requirement.
  • It is very compact and can also help to save space.
  • Some people may find the stand to be a little tilted if not screwed tightly.

Final Thoughts

A gaming chair with a keyboard table is functionally the best decision that you may make. Do not look at the prices but the comfort level of the equipment. Before buying a chair, go through the detailed pros and cons given here. You will find the appropriate stand that can be mounted on your streamer’s chair.

Streamers use specialized chairs for their work and for playing games as well. Their back muscles and wrists and eyes need to relax to make the equipment optimal use. A well-assembled and structured pc gaming chair with a keyboard and mouse tray is the only solution for this purpose.

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