Top 10 Best Chairs for Painters: Ultimate Comfort for Creative Sessions

best chairs for painters

Most popular painting tasks have to do with sitting in one place for hours. This is why the painter’s chair should not only be comfortable but also offer proper back support and adjustability so the artist doesn’t feel exhausted before the artwork is ready. There are a number of factors that contribute to choosing the perfect painting chairs, and this guide will help you choose the best chair for painters working in the studio.

The 10 Best-Selling Chairs for Painters on Amazon 2023

The Best Chairs for Painting Artists Reviewed for 2023

When looking for good painting chairs, you should check if they are adjustable in height, and comes with back support and armrests. However, you should also do your own research to find out the essential features of your painting work. So you have to choose a chair for the painting artwork accordingly.

We have singled out these top-selling chairs that have been performing impressively according to painters and artists’ users on Amazon. We also composed a brief review for each candidate to help users choose their favorite one without hassle.

Alvin CH202 Studio Artist Drafting Chair

If you are not familiar with Alvinโ€™s brand name, they are well known for producing a range of high-quality drafting supplies, and this is no exception.

The Alvin CH202 artists drafting chair is an ideal option for those artists seeking an adjustable, comfortable, and functional painting chair. The chairโ€™s design is simplistic and modest but it is high quality and it does its job as a practical artist seat well.

Being height adjustable between 23″ to 27″, it is ideal for many desks and easel configurations making it an excellent option whatever your preferred style or workstation. The Alvin CH202 is also easy to put together.

In addition, its comfortable style makes it a worthy contender as one of the best chairs for painters.


  • Height and depth adjustable headrest;
  • Molded foam seat;
  • Easy to put together;
  • Height range 24″- 29″


  • Polycarbonate base – may not be suitable for heavier-built people;
  • Lift height may not be suitable for drafting tables

Hylone Drafting Chair

This chair is ideal for painters and artists of all styles. The Hylone Drafting chair boasts a host of features to enhance your comfort and can be completely adjusted to your height and tilt requirements while working.

The chair features flip-up arms, so you can get your body closer to the desk while maintaining a good posture without compromising on comfort. It perfectly fits the sitting needs for painting miniatures where getting up close and personal with your work is a must.

Unlike many other chairs, you can flip the arms down when you need a little extra arm comfort.

The cooling mesh material also means air can circulate, working to keep you cool and comfortable while you paint.

The chair is also suitable for those artists with drafting tables and standing desks due to the tall height adjustable footrest. This chair is ideal for a range of applications including painting, drawing, drafting, and more!


  • Adjustable height between 21.7″-29.7″ (Seat to the floor);
  • Flip-up armrests;
  • Fully adjustable footring;
  • 360-degree swivel;
  • Wide sponge seat, providing extra comfort;
  • Great for stand-up artist desks


  • More challenging to assemble than other options.

Meeden Wooden Drafting Stool

The Meeden wooden drafting stool is possibly the ideal painting chair for those artists who are short on space. Its small footprint makes it ideal for storing away underneath a table or desk when you donโ€™t have room for a bulkier chair with all the bells and whistles.

In addition, this wooden stool is entirely height adjustable between 18-9″- 25.6″. Just turn the seat to go up or down to the height that works for you. So if you are looking for a stool for your drafting table, standing desk, or sitting at your easel, this could be perfect.

The main drawback of this little stool is just a little wooden since there are no special comfort features. However, it is functional and can be easily stored away. It is also extremely easy to assemble.


  • The wide range of adjustable heights makes it great for drafting tables and standing desks;
  • The wooden stool is super simple to assemble;
  • A small footprint makes it ideal for tight spaces;
  • It is made from German beech – built to last.


  • Not the most comfortable option out there as there is no back support or cushioning;
  • It has three legs, so perhaps not the sturdiest design.

Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair

The Office Star drafting chair features lumbar support and a breathable mesh screen back. This makes it perfect for the artists sitting at their workstations for long periods where comfort and back support are a must.

It has a thick padded seat for extra comfort and features a smooth pneumatic height adjustment between 24.25″ – 33.75″, making it ideal for standing desks or high-set workstations.

As well as the height adjustment, the chair has a back adjustment so you can find your most comfortable position to paint in while supporting your back, neck, and spine.

The chair is sturdy with a heavy-duty nylon base meaning it should hold up well while you are busy at work.

In addition, the armless design ranks it up there as the comfortable support for painting work. It allows you to get close to your work for those artists who paint miniatures and other small objects.


  • Built-in back support for hours of pain-free painting;
  • Back and height adjustment options, perfect for high drafting table or desk configurations;
  • Easy to assemble


  • Reported losing height unexpectedly while in use.

Grace & Grace Rolling Drafting Chair

The Grace & Grace rolling chair is a comfortable, densely padded chair that is ideal for painting in comfort. The ergonomic design means that your back is supported while working, making it a pain-free experience to draw and paint while sitting at your desk.

This chair also looks great with its PVC covering compared to other less stylish mesh and nylon chairs available. The chair is designed to take up to 400 lbs in weight, making it the perfect solution for artists of all shapes and sizes!

Itโ€™s also height adjustable to suit your work area and comfort requirements whether you have a standard desk, drafting table, or stand-up desk. The wide seat means you will be comfortable so that you can enjoy painting at your desk or easel for longer.

The chair has reinforced rollers. Itโ€™s great for all surfaces and will not scratch any surfaces. Like other chairs in this category, the armless design means you can get up close and personal with your artwork without annoying arms getting in the way or disrupting your flow.


  • Plush comfortable seat, suitable for all body types;
  • Ergonomic backrest and adjustable footrest;
  • Seat height range between 19.5″-27.5″ fully height and tilt adjustment for comfort;
  • Sturdy construction;
  • Tool-free, easy assembly


  • The footrest could benefit from being more robust.

Wrapping Up

As a result, the painter’s chair is also designed to be more comfortable for long periods of time. Itโ€™s important that the artist can remain focused on their work without being distracted by the pain in their back or neck from using an uncomfortable seat.

The best thing you can do when selecting your artwork chairs is to take into consideration how it will affect your comfort and productivity while painting on canvas or anywhere else all day. We hope this guide has helped you understand what makes a quality artwork chair and provided some insight as to which one might suit your needs the most.

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